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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A No Win Situation

I heard on the news yesterday that the constable involved in a high speed chase which ended in tragedy with a innocent life being lost and another being injured has been charged with reckless driving causing death.

I feel so much for the family who lost their wife/mother and had their daughter injured, but I also feel for the man, and his family, who now is facing 10 years jail for doing his job.

Sure the chase had not been authorised, in fact it seems it had only just begun when the accident happened. They had asked permission but had not yet got it.

The police car was marked, not unmarked, it had lights and sirens visible, not hidden like in unmarked cars, so the likelihood was that the driver of the stolen car took off and they followed while asking for permission to chase the stolen car.

Should they have waited - maybe - although the likelihood would be that they would have lost the car.

Should the driver of the car that was hit, stopped - after all, lights and sirens were on (or that is what I believe) - yes, but sometimes it is hard to know where they are coming from.

All in all it was a tragic accident.  While the police car did run a red light, it was still an accident.  So should this constable face jail for doing his job?  Will this make all the emergency services now stop doing their job as they could face jail.  What about ambulance and fire.

I don't want the police to be hamstrung because they can not do their jobs, but then, is a car worth more than a life, even if is an expensive one - I think not.

I don't have an answer for this no win situation which ultimately was caused by some idiot who thinks he is above the law and has the right to take what is not legally his.  I hope that he rots in jail, but undoubtedly he will get a slap on the wrist.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Raindrops on roses

I have always loved the Sound of Music song 'My Favourite Things' and one of my favourite things really is 'raindrops on roses'.

The early morning autumn rains today blessed me with beautiful raindrops on the roses in my garden, so I thought I would share with you, enjoy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Favour To Ask

Hi everyone,

I know I am biased, but I truly believe my eldest daughter Christie's blog is a wonderful resource for many parents and I am so proud to have been supporting her on this journey.

So I have a favour to ask, would you pop over here to read my daughter's blog post and if you feel inclined, please use the link at the bottom of the post to vote for her blog.

I must admit that I was a little teary reading this particular post because it truly does express just who my daughter is. Having watched her grow as a teacher, then a mother - to see her explore the endless possibilities of play based learning with my youngest grand-daughter is inspiring to me, and her voice in this post is beautiful and honest.

Thanks K


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