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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another 10 Year Anniversary - Something Old Is New Again

Today is the anniversary of the life changing car accident that my grand-daughter luckily survived. Sunday 4th September is her 15th birthday.

She rang me tonight to chat and I asked her how her day had been. She told me she had found the day a little hard as it was 10 years since her accident. She wrote about it in her school journal and tried to see the positives, like she is still alive. I try and do that too. We could have so easily lost her. Somehow she survived and she tells me that her Grumpy Eddie came to see her so she knew she would be alright. 10 years ago was the day that Grumpy Eddie was cremated, it was the reason she was not with her mother or us, as the funeral service was in a country town. She knows that, but she still believes he came to visit her in hospital - and maybe, just maybe he did and gave her back to us.

I wrote this recycled post in May 2010, it was titled - Excuse The Bragging But A Proud Grandma Lives Here.

A few weeks ago my eldest grand-daughter invited me to attend a drama performance at her high school. Yesterday was the big day.

By the standards of most high school productions, it wasn't the grandest, it wasn't the biggest, it wasn't the most well attended but it sure brought tears to this grandma's eyes and pride to her heart.

As I have blogged before, just before her 5th birthday my grand-daughter was involved in a car accident that left her with acquired brain injury. Through this she suffers from learning disabilities, weakness in one side and epilepsy among other things. She has lots of things stacked against her, but she also has, what I see, as a lot of qualities that other teenagers don't necessarily have. The one that stands out the most to me is her generous and beautiful heart and soul. Yesterday, this was on show for all to see.

Their were only 5 actors in the production, all of them were from the Education Support Centre at the high school. Along with their drama teacher, the students came up with the concept, worked out to plot line, and wrote the play.

The plot was simple, there was a king with 3 princess daughters - each of them was beautiful but conceited and mean. They played pranks on each other, they fought and they yelled. The king was worried about which princess would rule his kingdom when he died - he couldn't see any good qualities in any of them. The king devised a plan and let his daughter's know that he was hosting a ball and whichever daughter showed themselves to be the most noble on the night would be the one that ruled. The daughters continued to fight and play tricks on each other right up to the night of the ball. Then their fairy godmother appeared to tell them to look at themselves as they should be ashamed that they had so much and yet acted as if they had so little. That night at the ball each princess showed the king just how perfect they could be, because they now saw how wrong they had been and acknowledge how much they loved each other. The king was happy and announced that all 3 would rule the kingdom together.

Each of the student actors had very few lines as it was a narrated story with the drama teacher narrating. Each of the princesses had a beautiful costume loaned from the local theatre company. The props were few, the stage dressing minimal. 5 actors performed to the best of their abilities. The audience laughed at the comedy. The audience occasionally strained to hear the spoken lines as the actors were very nervous. There was one princess who acted her heart out, who remembered all her lines and needed no prompting but who also held the hand of another princess when she was too scared to come out, who while standing in the wings quietly encouraged the others and reminded them what to do. That princess was mine.

I know she had made her Mum's life unbearable yesterday morning as she was having a meltdown about the day, but when it came time, she did it, she did it well and she also cared about those performing with her. She didn't get caught up in the 'it's all about me' attitude that so often comes with teenagers and let's face it some adults. She truly made this Grandma's heart proud.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

For MyBabyJohn - The Antics of Max

This post is just for you MyBabyJohn - thanks for your continued support and comments on my blog.

I friend of ours has asked us to sell his drum kit while he is away in America. Max has smelt every single piece of it and then popped inside the bass drum (there is a small hole, which is meant to be there, and in he popped and out he hopped and in he popped and out he hopped, over and over again!). Now I should also mention the drum was not standing up like it normally would in which case the said hole is near the floor. No it was on it's back, so to speak, and the hole was up in on top!

Max has some toy mice, which he has loved to near extinction, so I bought him some new ones, one of which somehow got it's head stuck in the door of the fridge and Max spent some time trying to pull it free. Hubby eventually released the poor mouse so Max could throw it in the air and run around with it in his mouth.

Max also has a unique style when using the litter tray, he stands up rather than squatting like other cats, resting his front paws on the cover of the tray. He also digs all the way to China to make the hole and then when covering the contents up again. Hubby reckons he will need a mining licence soon - lol.

As previously mentioned Max likes to ensure that our waste bins in our studies no longer stand upright but rather rest on their sides. He also does this with the toilet roll basket in the toilet that holds the new toilet rolls. Once he has knocked the basket over he then proceeds to take a toilet roll out for a run. Shredded toilet paper is becoming the style of the hall just outside the loo.

Max also has to come into the bathroom with me when I shower, he sits on the bathmat waiting for me to finish then rubs against my wet legs before sitting down to watch while I dry myself. When I leave the bathroom he then runs as fast as he can to beat me to the bedroom where he jumps on the bed to watch me dress. He also has to come to the toilet with me and if I close the door so he can't come in, he cries on the other side.

Max also claws my hubby's thongs, running shoes and eats the laces on his work shoes.

Max loves exploring and on numerous times has accidentally been shut in a kitchen cupboard. Luckily for him, each time not for long.

I can say that the mandarin peel worked and Max left my flowers alone for a whole week. I can also say that he is calming down a lot with less Mad Max runs around the house - they are not totally gone but definitely on the decline.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sharing Some More Blog Love

These are my picks of the week, if you haven't already visited - pop on over and share some love.

River from Drifting Through Life has moved home and is feeling more settled, and is even back at work. The tenant before her though left a legacy of birds behind - one would have thought the owner would have cleaned but River in her usual 'lets get it done' persona has not let that stand in her way of making this her new home. Pop on over and read through this week's posts and share some bloggy love.

We need to send some cyberhugs to Farmer's Wifey, her week started well, but has been steadily going downhill since. Mind you I had to smile at the image of her in her hubster's jocks because the washing machine won't work. Love you Farmer's Wifey xxx

This particular post struck a chord with me over at Under The Yardarm, we take so much for granted in our lives and sometimes when we least expect it, we have even more clarity about just how lucky we are to live in this wonderful land.

Tenille at Help Mum gives a timely warning for those of you using WordPress, a viral worm that is a little hard to pin down. She also lets you know how to check if it is hidden on your blog.

There are lots more goodies out there, just have a look in my Sharing the Love feed - just over there to the right.

Happy reading xxx

PMT on Steroids

In yesterday's post entitled "I Nearly Blogged About", this would have been the stuff and nonsense I mentioned that was in my brain for last Tuesday.

Menopausal Madness is overtaking my brain cells. I mean this is like PMT on Steroids - the RAGE people, the RAGE is alive and well right here in my head!!!

Now I don't want to scare you, especially those of you who are years and years from the big M, but truly this is just so out of the box for me.

Back in the years when I had periods I occasionally suffered PMT, I say occasionally as it certainly was not every time or even every 2nd time (my family may beg to differ but I do warn them that the RAGE is here - so on your heads people). And when I did, it was a mild grumpiness with those around me and of course the odd stranger who did stupid things on the road or in shopping centres or ... you know what I mean. Most of the time I kept it to myself and never actually harmed anything except the odd slammed door or muttering under my breath.

But this, this is HUGE, I mean last Sunday I could visualise myself doing the famous Psycho scene on my next door neighbour - you know Don Burke with the chainsaw and Russian Bride! Okay, he wasn't naked in the shower or in black and white, but there was the music and the screwdriver and me and him sprawled on his driveway with his clothes on, but blood lots of blood.

RAGE .. it is the only way I can describe it. I mean, I could see myself grabbing a screwdriver and repeatedly stabbing this man in the back. Don't ask me why a screwdriver, I don't have one handy but that is what was in my head.

I hear you ask why? What had this poor man done to earn my wrath? Well it was a lovely sunny day, so my window was open in the study while I worked on a project and all I can hear is him and that bloody gate and him and the vacuum cleaner and him and the grunting while gardening and him and the laughing and him and the ... you get my drift.

Enter the idiots on trailbikes zooming illegally around the suburb. Well they truly pushed me over the edge, if it hadn't been for the teddies sitting on the chair in my study looking at me with those concerned eyes, well, people it would have been a massacre!!

Instead I went and laid down on the bed and cuddled Max in the afternoon sunshine and did deep breathing. Prison term avoided. Lets hope I have the strength next time the RAGE hits!!

I can tell you the teddies were very relieved, and so was the elephant with pink spots - and no I have not been drinking. I will tell you about my elephant one day soon - I promise.

Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago today this man left us.

10 years on, we still miss him.

This man was my father in law, he was funny, loving and kind.

He was the strong influence who made my man the man he is.

It is because of him that my man worships me and loves me unconditionally. It is because of him that my man takes care of me and my family so well. For that is how this man loved his wife and family.

Tonight we remember him.

Right now his son is shedding a quiet tear because he suddenly remembered the date. It is not that he does not think of his father often, in fact he misses him even more now than when he left. But dates creep up on us sometimes and catch us by surprise. Even I who normally remember dates had forgotten.

So for my 450th post, it seems fitting that I dedicate it to you Eddie, I am sorry we almost forgot the date, but we will never, ever forget you. xxx

I Nearly Blogged About ....

On Monday, I nearly blogged about the results of The Block, had the post written in my head as I lay in bed on Sunday night. Then life got in the way.

On Tuesday, I nearly blogged about the antics of Max, my hayfever and just stuff and nonsense.

On Wednesday, I nearly blogged about, well now I come to think about it - I didn't even turn the computer on - lol

On Thursday, I nearly blogged about a day in the country with work.

On Friday (today) I finally blogged about - well nothing really.

It has just been one of those weeks.

On the weekend I will be blogging about sharing some bloggy love, some personal stuff and maybe my 450th post, because this one is 449!!

Hope you week has been more 'blog productive'. Off to read some of what you have been saying now.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sharing Some More Blog Love

This week has been an emotional one for me, so today I went out into cyberspace (blogs and FB) to see if I could find any inspiration to kick start my weekend, or just to make me smile. Happy to say I found me some and here are a few I'd like to share

On my friend Amanda's FB page I found this wonderful link which is a video of Amanda's friend Amy's stunning macro photography. This talented photographer can also be found on Red Bubble - it is well worth a look.

Talking about Amanda, she is one creative lady as well and has just started a new blog about creativity - feel like being creatively inspired? Well pop on over and share some blog love with Amanda today.

Now Farmer's Wife over at Life In The Country is talking my sort of soup - what a yummy easy recipe. I'll be sure to try this one.

Now at 5' 7" I am not a short arse, but apparently if you need to know if you are, check out This Is Taryn and see if you qualify. Love your work Taryn!!

And newsflash, just added - you have to check out this amazingly beautiful post over at NappyDaze. Beautiful, beautiful words Donna - left me with a tear in my eye.

So there's my bloggy love for the week. Oh and hubby just went shopping and because chocolate is my comfort food of choice I asked for Cadbury's coconut rough and he came home with Peppermint Cream - because that's what you get when there is not the one asked for??? Love you honey, but next time just get me plain.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Heavy Hearted

Today is the first anniversary of the loss of my unborn grandson (at around 16-17 weeks gestation). My heart is heavy with the loss of my little frog prince.

I know that a lot of people, including some in my family I suppose, will not understand how I can still be mourning a grandson that I never got to meet. One that was lost so early in his development.

I suppose I wonder that myself sometimes.

But I remember the joy at the phone call from my daughter just after she had a positive pregnancy test.

I didn't know it was a a little boy until just before he left. But, just like his parents, I was already dreaming of holding him, of bonding, of loving him as much as my 2 grand-daughters.

I felt their pain when it all began to go wrong. I gave them my shoulder so they had someone strong to lean on. I cuddled my littlest grand-daughter when her parents had to go to hospital, knowing they would come home without him. I know how much it tore my daughter's heart out, I know the emptiness she still feels.

My grandchildren mean so much to me. Their unconditional love, the bond I have with both of them. There was room for one more, and so I miss him, the thought of him, the smell of him, the warmth of him.

Sweet rest my little frog prince, Grandma misses you so much and will always love you. May angels look after you forever. xxx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Something Old Is New Again - Recycling Old Posts No 3

Recycling another old post this one from early in 2009.

This week I have been thinking a lot about my family and how memories can be made from simple things. I hope that my children and grand-children can always remember the good times more easily than the bad.

It seems way back in early 2009 I was struggling a little and so I wrote this to remind myself that over all I did really have a great childhood. Certainly there were a lot less pressures than it seems there are today.

Good Childhood Memories - 11 January 2009

On going back through my blog of late, I seem to be in a maudlin frame of mind and it may seem I have only bad memories of my childhood. So here are some of the good ones!

Staying over at Grandma Win's house and having afternoon tea with my own little teapot and cup and saucer - real leaf tea too with milk and sugar.

Having breakfast in Grandma Win's little sun room - although runny eggs were a little bit of a downside - but the white toast soldiers with real butter to dip in the eggs made up for that.

Having a really, really big yard to play in with a huge plum tree that we made cubbies under (it was more like a bush than a tree - I think it was a plum tree - Mum if you read this you can correct me if I am wrong?)

Wearing beautiful hand made clothes my Mum made - I was a bit of a fashion plate in primary school - especially the yellow bib and brace circle skirt with the white blouse with puffed sleeves and with rows of embroidery on the bottom of the skirt.

Always having pets - especially Angel the cat and Jenny the dog - and a sheep and a parrot and finches.

Living in a 2-storey house and running up and down the stairs (and sliding down the bottom banister - never had the nerve for the top one!

Dad's train set - although we weren't not really allowed to play with it, but it was still heaps of fun - and I think there were times I did play with it when Dad didn't know.

Having a piano and being privileged enough to have piano lessons.

Listening to my Mum play 'Rustle of Spring' on the piano.

Having lots of great friends like Sally, Marcia, Anita, Dianne, Jill and Linda in Primary School and Anna, Gloria, Donna, Claire, Sue and others at Iona.

Having the freedom to go to the library in town on the bus all on my own from about 8.

My Grandma Win taking me to the pictures at the Astor in Mt Lawley and seeing Sound of Music - my very first big person's movie and still a favourite today.

Grandma Grace and her budgies.

Grandpa Jim when his pants fell down while he was shutting the gate.

Mum loving the Beatles and having music in our house.

Mum's little green car with the pop in side window thingys.

Having our own proper cubby house that Dad made, with real windows and a door and it was like a big room in the back yard that grown ups could stand in - that's how big it was.

Playing with Marcia and sliding down the grassy slope in our yard on boards.

Pretending I had boobs and wearing my cousins second hand bra and stuffing it with tissues and going to a birthday party in Grade 7.

Getting Bella the doll from my Aunty Verna who's husband was in the diplomatic core - Bella came all the way from Switzerland - she was a beautiful doll with real hair.

Watching our own firecracker show in our own backyard on Guy Fawkes Night - that was when Perth was allowed to have crackers - especially the catherine wheels.

Playing 'knuckle-bones' at school with my friends.

The freedom of growing up in the 60s and 70s before everyone became so scared of bad things happening to their children.

I'm sure there are more to come - stayed tuned.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Interwebs, One Of The Things I Love

I have noticed lately, when popping around commenting, how many people that I know through following them and commenting on their blogs are now following and commenting on blogs that I have followed since the beginning.

It is sort of nice, that other bloggers either see people in my 'Sharing the Love' section, or when they comment on my blog and go off to find them too. Just like I do when visiting.

The physical space that divides us, seems so small when we connect and weave interwebs in cyberspace. How nice if one day I got to meet every single one of you. It sort of feels like some of you I know very very well and yet we have never ever met.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Max Proofing - Whatever Works

Max likes to eat flowers, more than once I have come home/woken to find either the vase knocked over and water everywhere, or leaves and petals, sometimes even whole flower heads, strewn on the bench.

Yesterday I bought myself some lovely yellow and white roses, got them home and within 2 minutes of me starting to put them in the vase, Max was there on the bench trying to eat the foliage!!

Once the vase of flowers was ready, I moved them to another part of the bench, thinking maybe he wouldn't notice. Right!!

So after numerous times of me getting him off the bench, I ended up putting the vase in the bathroom and shutting the door. Sort of defeated the purpose of having some nice flowers in the house.

A little later I was eating a mandarin and Max jumped on my knee, smelt the citrus, wrinkled his nose and jumped down again. This reminded me, derr, that cats don't like citrus.

Here now is my vase of roses ... and so far, Max has left them alone.

So okay, not the best decorating idea, but I can ignore them and just concentrate on the roses.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I Think Spring Is Coming

Today is a balmy sunny day, around 23C, with a brisk breeze, apparently storms are on the horizon from tonight with rain for most of next week. But today, well a little taste of the Spring that is coming I think. I've done my washing and it is almost dry, not bad for a Winter's day.

We need a long winter here in Perth to top up our water supply dams, but somehow I don't think that is going to be the case, if today is anything to go by.

My hayfever is already popping, with itchy eyes and ears and nose. Hang in their Winter we really need you to for just a little while longer.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Russian Bride?

One of our next door neighbours is a woman in her late 50s, she doesn't appear to have a husband. She shuffles, a lot, I mean how hard is it to pick up your feet? I surmise that she drinks a lot, given the amount of cans and bottles I hear tipped into the recycling bin, or she eats a lot of baked beans!!

She has a son, early 40s, I call him Don Burke, he is the one that butchered my climbing rose, and he gardens with a chain saw rather than a shovel. Now he is a newer addition to the her household and our neighbourhood. He apparently works overseas, well that is what he told hubby, so he is only here for a week or two very month or so. He has an annoying voice and laugh, and the number of bottles and cans going into the recycling increase expediently when he is home!! He obviously likes baked beans too.

Now I think he has a Russian Bride, the Sixty Minutes episode a few weeks back just rings true, she has to be one. Why? Well she has an accent, definitely Russian sounding, she has bleached blonde hair. She wears hot pink velour tracksuits. She doesn't drive. She doesn't work. And I keep hearing her say things like, you have to love me because I cook for you. She looks to be in her early 20s.

So what do you think - does Don Burke have a Russian Bride??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sharing Some Blog Love Again

So here is my bloggy love round up for this week.

Baby Mac - I can not get enough of this wonderful blogger - she cracked me up with this post, Only Biker Boots in the Village

And as Winter keeps coming in Perth, this delightful post on Made With Love about Spring, brightened up my day.

Diminishing Lucy was asking about Drama Queens, do you have any in your life - Yep I sure do!!

And then The Mummy Autobiography offers to show me how to make a Three Minute Chocolate Cake in a Mug - yum!!

Big Words has been receiving Help Mail from a certain celeb, pop over and check out her reply here

Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog has a brand new look - pretty swish Thea.

The beautiful Allie at In A Beautiful Pea Green Boat is just home from having her baby boy and has some random thoughts to share. Make sure you scroll down to see some pics of the beautiful Mumma and the latest edition to the little family.

And lastly, but not least, Cate at I'll Think of a Title Later is celebrating 100 posts, you will find out so much about Cate it will leave your head reeling, your funny bone tickled and hopefully if you leave a little bloggy love in her comments she will be around for at least 100 more. Happy 100th Post Birthday Cate.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

London's Burning

Image and article here

Who would have thought that the old nursery rhyme about the Great Fire of London would now be true again?

My heart breaks for the young man shot dead and for his family, I understand the initial anger felt by his community. Marching to protest, peacefully, well I understand that too.

I sort of even understand if they attack police stations or police cars.

But what I don't understand is this mob mentality that now means innocent people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, that old historic buildings are now burnt out shells.

Sure I get that Britain is undergoing some major fallout from the Global Financial Crisis, but people, these are first world problems. Grow up before martial law is enforced.

There are people dying in Africa, they are not rioting, they are leaving their starving children, choosing the strongest to take with them to try and survive. Grow up and appreciate what you have, stop the riots and turn your attention to those in the third world who will never, ever have what you have.

Something Old Is New Again - Recycling Old Posts No 2

Hubby and I have just returned to work after 2 weeks leave. For the last week of our holidays I had a heavy cold, which did little to help my arthritic bones. The love and caring my hubby showed me during that week, well really all the time, but I was reflecting on it a lot last week made me think again about how my mother-in-law crumbled when she lost her soul mate.

So this week I am recycling the December 2008 post following her death. Do you live with your soul mate, and how would you cope if they died?

Can Life Go On When Your Soul Mate Dies - 3/12/2008

My Mother in Law died in the early hours of Tuesday morning and she was only 75. In 2001 her husband and my Father in Law died aged 68 after a short battle with lung cancer. He was so positive that he could beat it, but by the time it was diagnosed it was not able to be treated with anything other than mild chemo which only delayed the end and before he died it had spread to his spine.

My in-laws were soul mates, each had their strengths and weaknesses that complimented each other. My f-i-l was the outgoing, strong, funny one and my m-i-l was the shy one who stood in his shadow. She was also the one who tempered his outrageous behaviour when it was required just as he boosted her confidence through his undying love for her. I'll never forget seeing them dance the waltz together at my eldest daughter's wedding, it was like watching perfect unison, eyes only for each other and never a foot wrong. They glided across the floor so in tune with each other it was awesome.

When he died my m-i-l took 2 years to remove his towel and toiletries from the bathroom and to sort through and dispose of his clothes. She tried really hard to be strong, but in reality her heart was broken. She had believed that he would get well and their life would go on.

Not long after my f-i-l had been diagnosed, she had suffered a minor stroke, and not wanting to take up his time while he was fighting the good fight, she didn't seek any therapy. The result was that she was left with a speech impediment and was often hard to understand. This made her retreat further into her shell.

She had never learned to use an atm, or to do the banking or anything to do with finance and really didn't like to drive. To be honest having driven with her once that wasn't a bad thing.

Because he had been so sure that he would survive the odds, he hadn't taken the time to teach her the things she needed to do to survive his death. My husband and his siblings did their best and took over as much as they could, my s-i-l took her to the bank every week and stood with her while she used the atm, but even then she struggled. It is not that she was not an intelligent women, after all she has raised 4 children and run a household and had even returned to work when the children were older. It was just she was struggling with her loss.

In 2005 she was diagnosed with Parkinson Syndrome and had to move to a 'hostel'. And so for the last 3 years we have watched her fade - quite literally - she seemed to shrink in height and weight, she no longer got her hair coloured and so the grey showed, she never went outside and so she became pale. Her already soft voice got quieter until in the last few weeks she no longer could talk.

We got angry, we got frustrated, we couldn't understand, how could she just give up and want to die. We wanted to yell at her, shake her, make her understand she was a women who had given birth and raised 4 children, she had 13 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren, she had much to live for.

But her soul mate was gone - and we all had our own lives and no matter how much you want to make time, there are only so many hours in the day and so much of your own stuff you need to do to get through your life, that we could only give her hours at the most.

It seems she did not tell us how unwell she was, she was never diagnosed with anything other than her stroke and Parkinson Syndrome, but eventually she stopped walking, eating, reading, even interacting with visitors was too much. The week or so before she died it became obvious there was more than giving up wrong with her, but she had never said a word, and the diagnosis of cancer came too late, and to be honest even at the end we didn't know where the cancer was as she wouldn't or couldn't let us find out. She died peacefully in her sleep, and it is my hope that she is now reunited with the love of her life.

It also raises questions in my mind, my husband is my soul mate and I am his. Even though we both work full time and have interests that are not linked to each other, we are two parts of a whole. Can a half continue to live after the death of the other half? I know how to use an atm, understand excel etc, but let my husband do the banking - after all he is an accountant. I drive an amazing car and can't see that ever being a problem. But what if like my m-i-l my heart is so broken by my loss that I can't find the strength to go on?

My husband is the one who holds me when I hurt, brings me tissues when I cry, cooks my dinner when I am tired. He laughs at my silliness, and indulges my retail therapy. He overlooks my shortcomings. And he loves me just the way I am, when sometimes I have trouble loving myself. How do you cope if and when you lose that person, the one made for you?

I believe that I do have the strength to continue if my husband is no longer here, but what it I don't? Can a broken heart ever really be mended?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To Work

Well today I am back to work after 2 weeks of leave. Part of me would just like to stay home, but part of me is ready to go back.

The thing is though, I have been working while on leave, doing some graphic design for an upcoming project, can't say more than that at the mo. I have really enjoyed it, so much so that I wish I could just stay home and do a little work like this all the time.

A few months ago, I did some work for Childhood 101 in the form of their e-Book Art not Craft, and thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

Now I am supposed to do graphic design at work, but I have moved more into administration and have been flogging the dead weight of implementing the sign system which no matter how much I do, just seems never to have an end in sight.

So real graphic design, while on my job description, is not really part of my job any more. And I miss it, I really do.

If I was just confident enough to sell myself to the bloggersphere/cyberspace as a graphic designer then maybe I could get some small jobs. I don't want to do web design, I mean I can do it, but that is not my interest. It is working with words and pictures and illustrations and making them look great, be easy to read, turning them into books and the like.

Maybe one day?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Playful Max

Just in case you missed this photo from my last Max post,
here he is checking out the reusable shopping bag

Max has a habit of carrying things around in his mouth, like pens and pegs, pieces of paper. Quite often he drops them in his water bowl and then fishes them out again, he likes playing with water.

This week we have had a pink peg (three times), a glitter pen, an eraser, a green peg, and 3 different leaves. The other weekend when my littlest grandie came to visit and was playing with the lego, a pair of lego people legs ended up in the water bowl - lol. Max likes playing with lego too.

The other thing he is suddenly has a fetish about is our waste paper rubbish bins, the ones in our studies that papers and the like go in. Apparently they have to be on their sides so he can carry out all the bits and pieces. As soon as you stand them up again, he knocks them down. Hence we now have vertically challenged waste paper rubbish bins.

Max's other newest adventure is climbing in my linen cupboard. He likes me to open the door so he can practice his rock (shelf) climbing skills. He can climb all the way to top, just below ceiling height. But mostly he likes hiding in there and playing hide and seek.

He also carried the disposable razor from my shower to the other bathroom, just in case hubby needed to shave with it.

Another favourite place at the moment is behind our television, he tries to find where the people go! Needless to say, we get him out of there quick smart. It was a real problem with Le Tour was on, he was fascinated by the cyclists.

He also loves hopping into bags, my handbag, the reusable shopping bags, plastic bags, paper bags, my suitcase - any bags really.

I am happy to report that he has calmed down a little this week, goodness knows if it will last once we both go back to work next week and he is home by himself.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have You Dropped By Today? - Sharing Some Blog Love

One of the things mentioned at Nuffnang's 2011 Blogopolis was about your own blogging community, how you important they are, especially those that have been around for a while. You know the ones you have loved for a long time, or the ones that regularly come and love you back.

I have been a little absence from my blog of late, and a little absent from many of my beautiful blogger friends blogs as well. I try and pop in at least once a week and read more than one post, sometime I comment and sometimes I don't.

So today I am sharing some blog love with just a few of the bloggers I have visited in the last couple of days. Melissa over at The Things I'd Tell You did something similar yesterday - talk about great minds thinking alike and I recommend you pop over and check out her list too as it saves me duplicating here on my blog.

Pop over and check out

The Dog Days Are Not Over or My Humans Are Fools - By The Cat @ I'll Think Of A Title Later - If both of these don't get you smiling/giggling then you have no funny bone!

I Like A Good Rack @ The Mummy Autobiography - now that post title is going to grab a few randoms, just like The Planning Queen's Chicken Balls post that she spoke about in Melbourne.

More Whinging @ The Elephant's Child - she could do with a little bloggy love as her MS is causing her considerable pain.

Can't Cook For Quids @ NappyDaze - a woman after my own heart, this post has some beef (cake) in the form of her brother in law - well worth a look (although a slightly larger photo next time please Donna).

And last but not least, The Feathered Nest has a squirrel problem, just loving her Camper series. (I hope this link works but if not, just click on the wildlife tag and all the stories will pop up - you have to start at the bottom and work up, but it is worth it. Well for this Aussie it is, I mean we don't have squirrels unless it is the odd nutcase we come across).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Something Old Is New Again - Recycling Old Posts

I have taken part in other memes that recycle old posts, but sometimes found that I couldn't find anything that 'fit' the weekly theme. So, while I will most likely pop back and join in with the likes of Weekend Rewind, from time to time I thought maybe I should just 'recycle' myself - literally.

This week I have had 2 of my favourite bras lose a wire and have had to start wearing in some new ones, which leads me to recycling this old post from April 2009

Over Shoulder Boulder Holders

That's what my brother used to tease me with when I was first wearing bras and I used to think how could he say that about these little bras, well now that certainly applies.

How I wish could go back to those days. Those days when my breasts actually could be called perky instead of floppy. Back in the days when I was an A cup, well maybe when I was a B cup would be better look.

I remember the thrill of wanting to wear a bra - that would mean I was all grown up - wouldn't it? I remember getting a second hand bra from my cousin when I was in Year 7 (the year I turned 12) and stuffing it full of tissues and wearing it out and thinking I was just the coolest girl ever.

I remember going shopping with my Mum and then being really embarrassed because she talked in a loud voice to the shop assistant about training bras - OMG, I'm sure she was really talking in a normal voice but it sounded loud to me!!

I remember getting my first pretty bra - a little black net/lace number with a appliqued flower discretely placed over the nipple area - no wires at that time - but did I feel special?

I remember the first time a boy tried to undo my bra - sort of scary and nice at the same time.

I remember having my first maternity bra at the tender age of 17 and realising my breasts were never going to be the same again - from a B to a D in what seemed like an overnight happening. Plain white maternity bras they seemed huge and pointy - no pretty things like now.

So many memories tied up with one piece of clothing.

Now, I hate wearing them, they are a form of torture, they hurt my back, their wires poke under my arms pits, I have trouble doing them up because of my bad shoulder. Oh to go back to the days of smaller perkier breasts and pretty pretty bras - sigh.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just Beautiful

We have some lovely orchids on our patio and as usual this year there are many beauties flowering. The one I love the most is this lime with pink centre which finally flowered again this year, it has been around 5 years since she last shared her beauty with me, isn't she beautiful? Last time we got 5 spikes of blooms but this year only 2, still I am not complaining as she is just so beautiful.

Here are some of the others lovelies out at the moment, they are pretty special too.

My hubby deserves all the credit for these, all I have to do is buy them and then admire them, which I do often, it is hard not too. I even like it when they are just lush green leaves.

On Tuesday we went to Ezi Grow Orchid Nursery in Darch (Western Australia) and got 4 more beauties - just loving the two variations of soft white, one with a pink centre and one with a yellow centre and then the yellow with the vibrant orange tongue is absolutely stunning, hubby chose the more subdued but equally lovely brown one.

This post is not sponsored, but I must say, it is an amazing nursery with great, helpful staff and very reasonable prices.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So What Is This Ad Telling Me??

Now as you know I have had 4 births and one miscarriage, I am overweight and I suffer from diabetes, so bladder leakage is something that apparently I need to think about. Since coming home from Melbourne, with a cold/infected sinus - lots of coughing, sneezing etc, I do on occasion think, whoops it is going to be this time I learn about loosing bladder control? Indeed I have on occasion crossed my legs just in case - TMI???

Then I see this ad for Tena Pads - now I know it is a fun ad, made to be light hearted about an important issue, but really - does this means I no longer need a toilet if I am wearing incontinence pads? I always thought they were for minor leaks - but if a toilet dropping from the sky is what these pads can do for me - well then who needs toilets?

Just think of the freedom - no more waiting in queues at airport bathrooms, no more public toilets in general, just wear one of these pads and Bob's your uncle so to speak.

So producers of this ad, have you missed the mark here, or is it just my warped sense of humour that is getting a mixed message? Because this ad reminds me of a woman busting to go to the loo, not one who has sneezed and had a little dribble down below - if you get my drift!!

What do the rest of you think?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nuffnag Blogopolis 2011

Well Blogopolis is come and gone - a whirlwind of a day, so much to take in, so much to work out. Nuffnang did a great job of organising the day, at no time did I feel bored, although overwhelmed might have crept into my feelings occasionally.

My daughter, Christie of Childhood 101, presented, I was so proud of her, and a little teary too if I am honest, and well I try to honest here.

The only thing I would have liked more time to do was to catch up with various bloggers on the actual day. There were before and after events, and I chose not to go to these as I know my physical limits right now, which don't include standing for long and trying to yell over music and conversations. I suppose I should have been more active in hooking up with those I wanted to meet, and to be honest again, I was not sure I was even going to go until a couple of days before so was lax in this regard. Lunch at the venue would have provided time for this, so maybe a suggestion for the next one. I would have been happy to pay for lunch (well I did anyway).

I did managed to catch up with Jen from Jemikaan for lunch and caught a hug from Kirrily of Sunny Side Up. I saw Melissa from Suger Coat It from in the distance and then never actually got to meet her face to face and was sorry for that lost opportunity. The lovely Danimezza was running around taking photos (and even got to present).

The outcome of Blogopolis for me is that I don't fit any defined niche except maybe personal blogger, and maybe because of that, I would find it hard to fit any of the 'PR/Ad' areas that can, if you are lucky, hard working and totally focused, make you some money. But you know what, I am okay with that, I am happy just blogging for me. After all that is why I started blogging, sort of a way of putting stuff out there in cyberspace, seeing what comes back and I suppose as a record of who I am, if anyone in my family wants to know anytime in the future.

Am I glad I spent the money and went, sure I am. I love Melbourne, and love going over to visit. Plus I got to immerse myself in a large crowd of other bloggers of all ages, sizes, genders and ideas. I think there were around 300 on the day. I got to see outside of my blogging sphere, and I am inspired by what others have achieved and where they are going and I am full of praise for them.

Here is a Youtube video put together by BlogHUB Australia and my daughter's presentation is here.

And the round up of the rest of the trip is here:

We left Perth in between very stormy showers (there was some amazing turbulence as we took off which left me feeling nauseous for most of the flight). But Melbourne was lovely on Friday and I got to catch up with Jenny and Kelly (my hubby's aunt and cousin and some of my favourite Victorian people - love you guys xxx) and took them to my fav Melbourne Japanese restaurant Mikayo and we had teppanyaki, which was Kelly's first time to a Japanese restaurant.

Saturday was Blogopolis and I came back to the apartment to this amazing sunset.

This photo taken from my balcony

and here are some photos of my little suite at Quay West Apartments Southbank.

My king size bed - all to myself - luxury

and my lounge area with a large balcony behind the curtains

Sunday was beautiful and sunny and it seemed to soon to leave Melbourne to fly home, we came back to storms and rain, which we so desperately need, but another bumpy flight once we got closer to Perth.

I got spoilt in Qantas Business Class on the Adelaide - Perth leg of my homeward journey, trying to forget the Melbourne to Adelaide leg - that was a bit of a mix up on hubby's behalf when he was booking using is frequent flyer points - but all was left behind as soon as I sat in the extra large with legroom seats in Business. Smoked ocean trout with fennel and cucumber salad for entree, slow roasted duck ragout on a bed of pasta and wilted spinach leaves for main and icecream for desert. Hot towels, special padded earphones, my own blanket and pillow not to mention personal service - it is the way to travel - hey Mr/Ms Qantas I am happy to blog about you all the time if you can upgrade me when I travel - pretty please???

This post is not sponsored by any of the above mentioned businesses but I do recommend if you are ever in Melbourne you stay at Quay West and do try my favourite Japanese restaurant which is almost next door in the Southgate Shopping Complex.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Oh Max!!!

This kitten may end up being the cause of divorce, or worse case (yep even worse than divorce) I may have to find him a new home (to keep the peace).

I love this little bugger to death, but he is pushing the limits of my patience and my hubby's has all gone. We even fought about it today - I mean, who fights over a kitten?

I see his antics as those of a 10 month old kitten - a teenager in fact, who is pushing his boundaries - after all don't all teenagers do that? Hubby sees him as a bully, naughty and arrogant, because he pushes the buttons of our old cat (poking the bear we call it), climbs on the benches, runs crazily around the house and occasionally attacks hubby.

In Max's defence, hubby plays rough with Max all the time, and now that Max plays rough back - well who's fault is that.

In any household there is the old bull young bull scenario, that is what I see happening with Max and Jarmie, and lets face it, most of the time they are okay together. But while I was in Melbourne Max and Jarmie got a little rough with each other and now Jarmie is limping - so it is Max's fault - even though hubby did not see Max actually hurt Jarmie.

And I am sick of hearing MAX, being yelled out down the hallways (although occasionally it is me yelling that). Or, today, when I feel like crap (came home sick from Melbourne) having hubby go on and on and on about it all. So I chucked the sads and yelled at hubby, I mean what does he want me to do about it.

Apparently all he wants is me to hear him whinging - really, well that is not me right now.

So hubby is sulking, Max is still his crazy self and Jarmie is hiding because there is thunder about. All I want to do is go to bed. Sigh - Oh Max, I love you but you better buck up matey or maybe it will be off to another home, and that is not something I want to contemplate right now.

Looks like he is in the bag ready to go! Who can be mad at him for too long?


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