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Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Photos of My Boy Max

He was asleep on the windowsill while I was doing some work on the computer. He looked so lovely in the late afternoon sunlight that I thought I would take his photo. Of course, being Max, he woke as soon as he heard me pick up the camera, which also was on my desk. I patiently waited, but he never quite went back to sleep. Gorgeous boy.

Photo 1 : From sound asleep to this in a nanosecond

Photo 2 : Starting to relax again, but still keeping an eye on me

Photo 3 : Still watching

Photo 4 : Almost back to sleep, but then he heard something else
and jumped down from the windowsill

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Question About You Know What

Warning, if you are one of my kids, or are young and think that oldies don't do IT anymore, you may not want to read further than the banner and if you do - well I did warn you!

Oh and Mum, I know you will read this, but remember I don't need TMI given I am your daughter - lol.

So my older bloggy friends, I have a question for you, especially those of you with arthritis or other illnesses. How's your sex life? Not that I am a perv, I am just curious.

I miss having a sex life, it is not that I don't want to, in fact I really do. And hubby, well he wants to as well, but he is too scared that he will hurt me, and I am too scared of the pain that follows me for days. The pleasure is fantastic but the aftermath sort of cancels it out.

So it has been months and months and months and months (possibly even a year) since we have even attempted the 'horizontal tango'. I miss the closeness, the snuggling afterwards, the whole nine yards.

I seriously want to initiate the passion again, but then I feel my hip ache, or my back spasm and I remember the last few times when I have cramped up, when I end up crying and trying not to let hubby know - but he always does. Then he blames himself, which is not right, because he hasn't done anything different from the thousands of times before my arthritis got so bad.

So my friends, how do you cope?

Have you like us, just started avoiding the issue?

Do you dose up on pain meds prior and after?

And if you have started avoiding the issue, do you miss it too?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Conversations from my Bed Room Last Night

Could you please stop snoring?

Do you have to take up so much of the bed?

Move over, I need to roll over and you are laying too close. Move now please.

No I don't want you laying on top of me. No not on my stomach either!

Did you just fart?

You are making me too hot, do you have to sleep so close, move over a bit!

For goodness sake, I don't need your butt in my face!

Would you please stop kneading my boob, my arm, my stomach, my face?

No I don't want to stroke you all night, I need to sleep!

Yes not conversation with my hubby but with Max, they continued on as follows:

Get down from the windowsill

Stop clawing the carpet, stop clawing the bed.

Get your tail out of my mouth.

Don't lick my face, I know you love me, but that is gross!

And then he left me in peace and I finally got to sleep. Boy I love him, but he is an effort to sleep with on these hot humid nights.


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