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Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Little Frog Prince

Too early for a name

Too small for a breath

Thousands of tears have fallen

Since you left

Today they scatter your ashes

Mixed with other tiny babes

On the roses for remembrance

Today we plant in our garden

Our own little rose bush

I will smell the sweet blooms and always remember you

For though you may be gone

And we never got to meet

You will always be in my heart

Buried down real deep

And so my little grandson

I need you to know

I love you to the moon and back

And it will always be so

In honour of who you are to me

My Little Frog Prince

A little froggy statue I have found

To sit by your rose for all to see

Beside your rose will also be

A rose bush for your sister

Another for your cousin

Roses for my grandchildren

All grouped together

One, Two and Three

For in my heart

That is how you will always be

My grandchild number 3

God Bless my sweet frog prince

Grandma xxx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Or so the saying goes.

There has been much happening in my personal and professional life which has been sapping my desire to blog. Overload is what I am feeling, and somehow finding the time and the words to sit at my computer and blog ... well it all seems like hard work, and my blogging has never felt that way before. There is however a little blog post on my other blog all about sunshine.

I can say that I am missing you all, I miss finding out what you are doing, I miss your humour, your stories, your friendship. I am also missing writing and so I am hoping to get my mojo back real soon.

Tomorrow I fly out to Sydney with 2 of my daughters and my littlest grand-daughter, it is unlikely I will have the time to blog while I am away, but I hope the break with give me some rest, re-inspire me to write or at the very least I will have some photos and memories to share.

Hope you are still all here when I get back. xxx

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Man

This man loves me unconditionally
This man holds me when I cry
This man raises me up when I am down
This man is mine

This man is a father
This man is a grandfather
This man is my hubby
We are blessed that he is ours

This man is a worker
This man is a drummer
This man has a sense of humour
I give thanks that he is mine

This man is not perfect
This man sees in black and white
This man is called Grumpy
This man is mine

This man is the half that completes me
This man is the answer to my prayers
This man is my lover
I am honoured that he chose me

This man is my rock
This man holds my heart in his
This man loves me just because he can
This man will always be mine

This man is no longer with us
This man left us before we were ready
This man was also called Grumpy
This man was my father in law

This man raised my man with love
This man raised my man to be loving
This man is the reason my man is who he his
It is this man I also thank


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