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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life At It's End

Today I took my eldest daughter down to visit her Nanna, who now is close to leaving this Earthly place. She was my mother in law for a few years and Nanna to my daughter for 37.

Life is a complicated thread, there are many knots, frayed bits and even breaks that happen along the road from birth to death. My relationship with M has been a little like this, strong to start with, frayed and then broken when her son and I divorced and rekindled a couple of times in the years that have passed since then.

M's life has been long, sometimes hard, especially the last 6 or so years since she lost the man she loved, the man that was her rock. She drifted quite quickly onto a slope of decline to dementia. I had the opportunity to visit her last year when she was still mostly able to function. But to see the confusion in her eyes, to hear to mind wander back and forth, to see her search and get frustrated when she couldn't find the word she needed - that was hard. She put her hand upon my knee and looked at me and said - stay young, this getting old is bad.

Today I saw her, sedated, breathing raggedly, skin and bones there in the bed and wondered why her body was keeping her here. She is 87 years old.

I pray she soon departs, to return to the arms of the man who is waiting for her somewhere. Rest peacefully when you finally leave us M.

Big and Little

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful grand-daughters - one born in Sept 1996, the other in Feb 2008.

My first grand-daughter spent all those years wishing for a cousin, she used to regularly talk to me about the fact she had no siblings and no cousins.

My second grand-daughter was born in Sydney and so while CT now had a cousin she did not see her until April when IR and her Mum and Dad flew to Perth. CT was so excited, at the airport while we were waiting for the plane to arrive she must have asked every 5 mins if it was there yet. She almost knocked her Mum and I out of the way when they walked into the arrivals area.

They met again in September 2008 when CT and her Mum flew to Sydney.

Then again in late October 2008 when IR and her parents again visited us here in Perth.

CT was overjoyed when she found out that IR and her parents were relocating back to Perth in January 2009.

The relationship between the 2 cousins is beautiful to watch. Big CT is so patient, little IR just wants all CT's attention when they see each other. Both of them talk to me all the time about the other.

This grandmother is so spoiled to have both her beautiful grand-daughters now in the same State.

My Big and Little, just meant to be there for each other.

Here are a few photos of the Big and the Little that take up a huge part of my heart.

Their first meeting in April 2008

Sharing a banana in Sydney in Sept 2008

Swimming together in Sydney 2008

Their first merry-go-round ride in Sydney, I love the IR is looking to CT for assurance

In our backyard, Oct 2008

Easter 2009, playing together

Ct showing IR her new pet snake - a 13th birthday present, Sept 2009

CT showing IR how to bowl at CT's friends party, Sept 2009

IR helping CT with her cake, Sept 2009

Reading together, Dec 2009

Tree trimming, Dec 2009

It's nice to have a big cousin to lift you up with you are little, Dec 2009

and to have a big cousin to help you learn to jump and catch you when you fall,
Christmas Day 2009

CT helping IR blow out the candles, Feb 2010

Helping IR play with her presents, Feb 2010

Sharing fun times together, March 2010

Enjoying our icecream, March 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010

Colours of Friday - All Natural Orange

Colours of Friday is the brainchild of Melissa over at Suger Coat It. Mel is taking a little sabbatical from her Colours meme but in honour of her valiant effort and lovely blog. Today I am choosing Orange in all its natural beauty (sorry Melissa I know you suggested multi or rainbow, but there are many shades of orange you will find here so hopefully that will honour your suggestion).

All photos are taken by moi unless otherwise mentioned

We start with flowers ...
in various glorious shades of orange,
and that beautiful rose and frangipani are in my garden - aren't I lucky

Then we move to sunsets ...
the bottom one taken by my daughter during the huge March storm here in Perth

And onto rocks
of the magnificent Devonian Reef found in the Kimberley

And lastly but in no ways least - something not natural
but just gorgeous anyway - one of my handbags.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nice Sunday Afternoon

This afternoon my eldest daughter and I went to see Sex and The City. Splurged on Gold Class tickets. It was a long movie, but it didn't feel long, so it must have kept my attention.

I am not a big SATC fan, I don't mind bits and pieces but have never watch all the TV series episodes. My daughter is a huge fan. Overall is was entertaining, some of the humour I found a little ho hum, but it kept true to the characters.

Charlotte's confession about how she felt about being a mother touched a cord with me. Had to laugh at her 'how do Mums without help do it?' line.

I like the fact the the girls all look their age and maybe Liza could learn a thing or two from them. I mean how plastic is that face, I am surprised she could sing at all. And maybe she was just miming.

So all in all a great relaxing afternoon for the last day of my holidays.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

You're So Vain

The price of vanity is sometime extreme and who would have thought I would get caught up in it?

I had a couple of skin growths on my face, one which was getting larger and people kept commenting on, so I went to my GP who thought it was nothing sinister but sent me to a lovely dermatologist to have it checked out.

Sure enough they were just aging thingies that some people get, especially if you have a Southern European background (which I don't really have although there is an ancestor from Portugal way back there somewhere). He also found a basal cell carcinoma on the front of my shoulder near my collarbone which to me didn't look like much. So well worth going as I would never have picked the small indentation in my skin as being cancer. We made a date for me to have surgery to have the cancer removed and then he suggested when I went back to have the stitches out he remove the growths on my face at the same time.

Yesterday was the cancer surgery day, and while he had me on the table, he decided to also do the face surgery as well.

Now I can tell you it hurt - having local anaesthetic in your face - not nice.

Today when I got up and looked in the mirror I was surprised to see I had a black eye - so now I feel really vain - I have gone through all this pain when really I didn't have too. Normally I don't bother too much about things like this as I believe you are who you are - so I am still in a quandary as to why I decided to go ahead.

So here is a warts and all look at my war wound - not for the faint hearted.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Colours of Friday - Blue Skies

Melissa @ Suger Coat It brings us Colours of Friday and she loves us to join in. Normally I am a day or two late, but today I managed to get my post done on the Friday. Head on over to visit Melissa here - why don't you join in today too?

Here is my take on Blue Skies Friday - all photos taken by me and quite often have other things apart from just blue sky.

Blue skies with white wispy clouds - my backyard, 2008

Blue skies and foaming ocean - Esperance 2010

Blue skies and peaceful outlook - Margaret River 2009

Blue skies and tall forests - Swarbrick Art Loop - Walpole 2009

Blue skies and blue river - Walpole Nornalup, 2009

Blue skies and Devonian Reef - Tunnel Creek NP - Kimberley WA - 2007

Blue skies and white beaches - Hamelin Bay, 2007

Blue skies and yellow tree kangaroo paw - Bunker Bay, 2007

Blue skies and river - Geikie Gorge, Kimberley, 2007

Blue skies and restored wool shed - Werribee, Victoria 2009

and blues skies with either setting or rising sun on clouds - Western Australia

driving along Kwinana Freeway, 2010

from my backyard, 2008

from my backyard, 2009

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Colours of Friday - Lime Green

Yes I know I am late again, but if you have read my last post you will know I have been busy shopping at a certain Big Blue store.

Melissa @ Suger Coat It deemed Friday 11th June as Lime Green Friday - head on over to see her take on this vibrant 'in your face' colour.

My take is nature based, as this is what I normally take photos of. So without further ago - Lime Green as only Mother Earth can present, slightly more subtle and just beautiful to look at:

Tassel Plant, Walpole, WA

Port Lincoln/28 Parrot

Water Lilies - Silent Grove, Kimberley WA

Grass in morning light - Margaret River, WA

Lichen on fallen tree - Walpole, WA

Light of setting sun in foliage - Silent Grove, Kimberley WA

Grass in morning light, Margaret River, WA


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