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Monday, November 24, 2008

Life, The Universe & A Little About Me

I am sitting here wondering why I feel the need to blog and I don't really have an answer to that question yet. 

Maybe it is just I need someplace to pose the questions that rattle around my brain and to see if anyone responds. 

Maybe I need a place to move out of my normal persona - that of wife, mother, lover, grandma, graphic designer, employee, boss, daughter, sister, friend.  

Anyway whatever the reason, today I decided to start to blog.

Why call my blog Menopausal Mumma? - Well I am in my early 50s and while not officially menopausal yet - I am sure it is not far away, after all how many years can my doctor tell me I am perimenopausal?  

Do I worry about getting older? Not really.  

Does Menopause need to be a big boogey man - I think not.  I see it as just another big step in my life's journey. 

I believe that life is a series of steps that start with birth and end with death.  I believe that these steps are pre-determined, that we don't know how many we have been given, so we need to cherish each one of the big ones that pass in our lives as there are many other souls whose journeys are shorter than ours. 

I have been blessed to get this far and I have so much to be grateful for - I have a wonderful loving husband, 4 beautiful adult children, a wonderful son in law and a soon to be daughter in law plus 2 adorable grand-daughters that are the delight of my life.  We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, clothes to wear, money to pay our bills - all in all life is pretty good.  There have been struggles on the way and knowing how the universe works, there maybe more in the future but I have always tried to look at the glass that life deals me as half full - after all there are already too many people that see the glass as half empty.  Sometimes I find myself going down the maudlin path, after all I am human, but a swift self-administered kick in the butt, turns me around.

So we will see where this blog leads, I for one am interested to see just what happens once I push the "publish" button.  Fingers crossed.


  1. I don't think I ever saw your first post - but I'm oh so glad I did find you. You've been the kindest voice to me when times have been rough - your comments like a hug I so deseperately need.

    Thank you for blogging. Thank you for being such a warm, heartfelt, wonderful woman.

  2. What a great first post. I hope you've enjoyed where your blog has taken you.

  3. Great first post for a great blog! :-)



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