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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Speaking Too Soon

The Universe has a way of teaching us lessons, sometimes ones we already know, so it is a gentle reminder sometimes it is a big kick up the butt.  Not sure what category this one falls into but my butt is kind of sore!!!

My last post was about Should I Brag, where I told the blogosphere about how well I was doing with my weight loss.

Last weekend's weigh in bought me down to earth, I put on 500gms.  Seriously, it threw me for a loop. I had changed nothing in my diet except having a very small piece of birthday cake about 10 days before to celebrate with one of my work colleagues.

So were my concerns about me not being an over-eater prior to surgery now coming true, is this surgery mainly for people who constantly over-eat?  I don't have an answer to that, but I have had a crap week, beating myself up about it all.

The dietitian said not to worry it happens sometimes, but this early in the recovery?

John, my psychologist, said move on, let it be, there are always bumps in the road.  Which is true, but it has been a huge wake up call.

Here I was tootling along the highway of weight loss, thinking I was gathering speed, after all I was told by Dr C that I was ahead of the game, just a few days before the weight gain.

So Universe, I've got the message, take nothing for granted, keep your eyes on the goal and work harder.

I am pleased to say this morning's weigh in sees me almost back to where I was a fortnight ago, so hopefully the numbers will keep slowly going down.

The bad thing is, I just wanted chocolate to drown my sorrows in.  The good thing is, I didn't buy any.

Has the Universe been talking to you lately?  Hopefully if it has it has been in a positive way.

Have a great week ahead and thanks for popping by xxx


  1. You could have just been holding a lot of water in your system that day...relax...it will all even out.

    1. Thanks Delores, I sort of thought the same thing, but it hung around for days, I did feel particularly bloated though, so maybe it was fluid. Just glad it is heading back down now. I super big thank you for always taking the time to comment and be so supportive to me, you are a blessing. xxx

  2. I suspect that mybabyjohn/Delores is right. If one small piece of cake ten days before was going to have that effect, I would no longer be able to get through any doorways.
    Be kind to yourself - and congratulations on NOT buying chocolate despite intense provocation.
    Sending hugs, and love your way. You are inspirational - even on days when you can't see it for yourself.

    1. Thanks EC, the temptation to run out and buy chocolate was very strong, but I ate grapes instead. I don't often comfort eat, but this has been a really bad week in lots of ways.

      A big thank you to you as well for always dropping by and being such a supportive cyber friend, maybe one day we will get to meet, I really would love to come back to Canberra again. xxx

  3. I'm sure it's just a little bump Kakka and you'll continue to move forward. Look at how well you responded, you are so focussed on your health it's just inspirational x

    1. Thanks PPMJ, sometimes it hard to stay focused, but I'm working on it. Thanks for your support. xxx

  4. Grapes are good!! As we discussed yesterday I am sure we females, no matter what our age, are affected by hormonal balance and water retention is part of that. It is natural you will feel despondent as you were doing so well. Even Dr C was amazed at how well you were doing when you saw him. Just being the weight you now are compared with the weight you 'wore' for so long must make you feel good. If you are now back to what you were 2 weeks back that is terrific.....it didn't go up. As neither you nor I can do much physical exercise I often wonder how little we should eat to maintain our health and yet we have to eat a balanced diet. You will get there eventually because you told me you would. Love you. xxxx

    1. Yes Mum, grapes are good - although full of sugar too. Still better to nibble on a few grapes then scoff a whole block of chocolate. Glad I have you in my corner xxx



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