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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Selections ... Werribee Zoo

Sunday Selections was originally brought to us by Kim or Frogspondsrock, as an ongoing meme where participants could post previously unused photos languishing in their files.

The meme is now continued by River at Drifting through Life. The rules are so simple as to be almost non-existent. Post some photos under the title Sunday Selections and link back to River.

A few years ago, Hubby, my middle daughter and eldest grand-daughter and myself visited some of Hubby's family in Victoria. While we were there we took a trip to Werribee Open Plain Zoo (not our first, and probably not our last).

Of course, given that I work designing interpretive and management signs, unlike a lot of 'normal' tourists, I take photos of signs. Really can't seem to help myself, much to hubby's chagrin. So scattered amongst the animals are various signs that caught my attention.

There is a Safari bus ride that takes you through the open plains exhibits, plus various walking paths and boardwalks that you can also explore which bring up up close and personal with meerkats, pygmy hippos, big cats and other animals.  One day I hope to also explore Dubbo Open Plains Zoo in New South Wales, it's on my wish list for next time we get over that way.

The zoo sits together with Werribee Mansion, and my family has connections back there historically, as Mum and I found out when doing our genealogy research, it is also right next to the most amazing State Rose Garden, I know I have some shots of both those places (pre digital camera) so will have to dig them out and share as well.

The first time we visited the zoo, the historical buildings weren't open to the public, but they have now been restored and worth the walk to visit. So we will start there.

King Skink we spied on our walk.

Interesting to me, laser cut steel as part of the garden display which talks about water-wise plantings.

Off to the shearing shed.

Now we are on the Safari bus, one of the things I will do next time, if it is still available is the smaller (and more expensive) on the back of the safari ute tour.

It seems most of the larger animals were tired lol.

Off the bus, we hit the walk trails to find little creatures and larger ones too.

A very fat (although I think pregnant) Meerkat on watch.

Another random sign, just because I can pop it in. Oh and we are onto the lions.

Great exhibits throughout the enclosures as well.

We all love frogs, right?

I can see you!!

Off along the boardwalk to the pygmy hippos

Yep, I love the pygmy hippos as you can probably guess by the amount of photos here.

Then we came across this beautiful creature, that came down to say hello.

Being an ostrich is so hard, I just had to lay down on the job!!

Now isn't this a great sculpture

And my hubby, being patient while I visit the gift shop lol.
Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Great tour...thanks.

  2. A wonderful wonderful tour. And I loved that laser cut sign.
    I think you would really enjoy Dubbo's Open Plains Zoo. For a significant birthday we went - and stayed overnight. As part of the overnight stay we went to see animals in the dark. Fascinating. And I believe very expensive.

    1. My eldest daughter has stayed the night at Dubbo (many moons ago) and raved about the experience. Now I just have to get back there. We are doing Melbourne in April next year for a friends wedding, but not sure I can get to NSW as well. Hope you are have a wonderful Sunday xxx

  3. As I am never likely to see the place where my ancestors lived I enjoyed your tour here. It was a Thomas Chirnside that witnessed great-great-grandfather James Anderson's will so quite a family connection here. James had accidentally shot himself when climbing through a fence on his property and died as a result and he is buried in the East Geelong cemetery.
    Thanks for sharing so many interesting photographs of scenery and animals. xxx

    1. I wish I could take you Mum, but I don't think you would be able to do the travel now. Shame we didn't know about the history back when you visited Melbourne (or even lived there) all those years ago. I must find the other photos and scan them and then share xx Sorry I tried to comment/reply last Sunday and blogger was misbehaving and wouldn't let me and I got too busy during the week. xxx

  4. I love that laser cut steel panel! And I've been thinking I might plant one of those "blue chalk sticks" plants here amongst my kangaroo paws, it would be a nice contrast.
    The mane on the lion is so smooth, one would think he had just brushed his hair to look good for photographers!

    1. Thanks River, blogger wouldn't let me reply last Sunday and I've not got back to the blog until today. Thanks for popping by and commenting. I love the laser cut panel as well, would love something like that for me backyard, but not sure it's in my price range.

  5. Wow wonderful tour Thanks

    1. Thanks Dorothy, tried to reply last Sunday but for some reason blogger wouldn't let me and I didn't get back during the week xxx.

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