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Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Man

This man loves me unconditionally
This man holds me when I cry
This man raises me up when I am down
This man is mine

This man is a father
This man is a grandfather
This man is my hubby
We are blessed that he is ours

This man is a worker
This man is a drummer
This man has a sense of humour
I give thanks that he is mine

This man is not perfect
This man sees in black and white
This man is called Grumpy
This man is mine

This man is the half that completes me
This man is the answer to my prayers
This man is my lover
I am honoured that he chose me

This man is my rock
This man holds my heart in his
This man loves me just because he can
This man will always be mine

This man is no longer with us
This man left us before we were ready
This man was also called Grumpy
This man was my father in law

This man raised my man with love
This man raised my man to be loving
This man is the reason my man is who he his
It is this man I also thank


  1. You are indeed a lucky woman and we are proud to call him our son-in-law. My other half is different to your man but I still can't even imagine my life without him as part of it. We are so very fortunate, you and I both. xx

  2. Beautiful, K. I'm so glad you have such a wonderful man by your side.

  3. Oh, Kakka, thank you for sharing this. How beautiful. What a tribute.

  4. Oh, this is just beautiful. And you had me at that first picture.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  5. Thanks Alison for coming over from the rewind, and thanks to everyone who came before. xxx



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