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Monday, December 6, 2010

One Of Those Years - 1977

Have you ever had a year that lots of major things happened?

1977 was one of those years for me.

Jan - I confirmed I was pregnant for the 2nd time, to a man I loved who was not my husband but who I knew was my soul mate. I had suspected as much late in 1976 but was too scared to take any tests.

March - the father of my unborn child moved in to share his life with my eldest daughter and I and to await the birth of our child.

June - I gave birth to my 2nd daughter.

July - I filed for divorce from my first husband who had left 18 months before.

September - We bought a new house and moved in, still there 33 years later.

November - my decree nisi was granted.

November - I married my soul mate, and we are still just as much in love 33 years later.

2001 is another year that had many memorable events - as it comes up to the 10th anniversary of that year, the events that happened are very much on my mind - I will put together a post early in the New Year.


  1. Well my goodness. What a colourful post! And what an amazing stroke of good fortune you happened across your true soul mate xo

  2. Looking forward to reading more....

    If you have time my lovely would you mind voting for me here..I'm at around number 50 atm..I'd be so grateful xx


  3. I came across your blog, it's nicely written! Feel free to check mine out if you want. Maybe we can follow one another? :)


  4. That was a huge year for sure Kakka!! I hope you have many more wonderful and exciting years to come with your soul mate.
    Lots of love xoxo

  5. That certainly was a huge year - but also a fabulous one and look how much you've achieved since! Looking forward to visiting far more frequently in 2011. xx



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