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Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes The Real World Gets In The Way

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on my last blog post, hoping that I am okay and letting me know they miss me. I am really humbled that you care so much.

Thanks to My Baby John for the award, I will pop over and pick it up soon.

I have been absent from here for a few different reasons,

1. I have been so busy at work and doing some work for my daughter at night that I have been too tired to put my thinking cap on and write something meaningful here. I promise that will change soon.

2. Because I work on my computer all day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is turn this one on and sit in front of it ... this has been happening a lot of late ... mostly because I am busy I think, so really a part of number 1.

3. I haven't been doing anything too exciting so not sure how much everyone wants to hear about just the normal stuff.

With regard to my pain levels, well the injection sort of took the edge off, so in that way it has been good - yippee. But it is certainly not a total cure, or even close, so it will be back onto the other drugs soon, side effects and all. I really feel blessed that so many of you care, thank you again for this ... it blows me away the connections made in cyberspace.

I have pottered around some blogs, but not left many comments, apologies for that, I promise I will get better.

Thanks again and I will be back here soon!


  1. Nice to hear from you. Blog content does not have to be exciting or hilarious...Good grief just look at mine (yawn). I'm glad the injections helped a bit. I know what it's like to live with pain.

  2. Welcome back. You have been missed. And I agree with mybabyjohn that blogs don't need to be exciting or hilarious (I could never post if they did). Also really, really glad that the pain is diminished if not gone.

  3. Glad your back and feeling better, as I sit here just haveing had my foot injected wondering how to get my boy to squads as hubby is in Perth this week, I know pain can be debilitating.

  4. So great to hear from you K! Perfectly understand the avoidance of computer after you're on it all day. Egh. Ahhh... an unexciting life. You live my dream! ;-P xoxo Very pleased you came out to post a quick cheerio. See you somewhere soon - no rush! Lots of love.

  5. Just touching base, another quick 'hello' from the east coast. Thinking of you, wishing things were easier. All my love


  6. Glad our comments got you back on here again as you were truly missed. If writing something exciting or hilarious is the criteria for blogging then I wouldn't write. My life is so unexciting these days that just every day things are what readers get so take it or leave it. I wish I had the sort of mind that could come up with clever observations etc but I leave that to you and others. xxx Welcome back

  7. I have tagged you for a challenge kakka. Hope you have time for it. See "my 7 links" post from today.

  8. Thanks everyone for your continued support. xxx



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