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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm Off Tomorrow

So, pain or no pain, I am off to Melbourne tomorrow for Blogopolis on Saturday. Made the decision that I can not let this beat me - so got some stronger pain killers and we will see how I go.

Will get to meet up with some special people in my life on Friday and then some old and hopefully new friends on Saturday.

Watch out Melbourne, here I come with an empty credit card (even have more than the card is worth as I accidentally made too many payments - lol).

Flying home Sunday Business Class (courtesy of hubby's frequent flyer points) so hopefully will arrive in a rested condition.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Week Of Ups and Downs and The Bathmat

Been an interesting week or so for this family of mine.

Work has been extra busy for hubby and I, we are both having some time off work for the next couple of weeks so tidying up all the jobs we have for hand over, well busy is probably not even close to what it has been. He has another couple of days, but last night was my last day at work until early August - bliss.

I am heading over to Blogopolis in Melbourne, well I hope to be, but for some reason my pain levels have hit an all time high, and I am really worried about how I will cope walking and standing, so I have been contemplating not going, still undecided, and luckily I have a few days to pull out and not lose my money for airfares and hotel accommodation. I really want to go, so maybe I will tough it out.

Last week, my middle daughter and eldest grand-daughter ended up with a water feature in their bathroom, a pipe burst somewhere inside the wall and bulging plaster and leaking tiles became an interesting feature to say the least. Consequently, they came over to our place for showers (luckily we live about 2 mins drive away) for a few days while it was being fixed. Don't know about you, but all my family use bath sheets (extra large towels) rather than the normal bath towel size. And it just so happens a few months ago when my grand-daughter was staying with us overnight, I gave her a normal smaller size bath towel I happened to still have. After her shower she said to me, Grandma - you gave me a bath mat instead of a towel, well I had to laugh as it really was a towel not a bath mat, just not the size she is used to. Well what happened last week was that her Mum did give her a bath mat by mistake and sweetie that she is, my grand-daughter used it as she knew her Mum was in our 2nd bathroom still having a shower. I am still giggling about it even now thinking about her trying to stay warm while drying herself with a little rectangle of towel, it was really cold over here last week.

This morning my Mum rang to say she had taken a tumble yesterday afternoon and dislocated her shoulder! Mum is 79 1/2 so tumbles are not good at her age. But luckily she has good strong bones and apart from now having to wear a sling for 2 weeks and have some physio, she is okay. The reason she fell is that she nearly sat on her cat and jumped up so fast that she twisted and lost her balance, taking out a spare chair on the way down to the floor. I had to laugh when she told me the paramedics have to give her a giant wedgie to lift her up. Good on her for seeing the funny side and being so strong and courageous, not sure that I could do that in the same circumstances.

So a week of ups and downs and funny tales about bath mats, but looking forward to some time off work, maybe getting some painting done - well I choose the colours and hubby does the work, some nice lunches out and about and maybe, just maybe, heading over to my favourite city of Melbourne.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sometimes The Real World Gets In The Way

Thank you to everyone who has left comments on my last blog post, hoping that I am okay and letting me know they miss me. I am really humbled that you care so much.

Thanks to My Baby John for the award, I will pop over and pick it up soon.

I have been absent from here for a few different reasons,

1. I have been so busy at work and doing some work for my daughter at night that I have been too tired to put my thinking cap on and write something meaningful here. I promise that will change soon.

2. Because I work on my computer all day, sometimes the last thing I want to do is turn this one on and sit in front of it ... this has been happening a lot of late ... mostly because I am busy I think, so really a part of number 1.

3. I haven't been doing anything too exciting so not sure how much everyone wants to hear about just the normal stuff.

With regard to my pain levels, well the injection sort of took the edge off, so in that way it has been good - yippee. But it is certainly not a total cure, or even close, so it will be back onto the other drugs soon, side effects and all. I really feel blessed that so many of you care, thank you again for this ... it blows me away the connections made in cyberspace.

I have pottered around some blogs, but not left many comments, apologies for that, I promise I will get better.

Thanks again and I will be back here soon!


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