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Friday, February 3, 2012

Conversations from my Bed Room Last Night

Could you please stop snoring?

Do you have to take up so much of the bed?

Move over, I need to roll over and you are laying too close. Move now please.

No I don't want you laying on top of me. No not on my stomach either!

Did you just fart?

You are making me too hot, do you have to sleep so close, move over a bit!

For goodness sake, I don't need your butt in my face!

Would you please stop kneading my boob, my arm, my stomach, my face?

No I don't want to stroke you all night, I need to sleep!

Yes not conversation with my hubby but with Max, they continued on as follows:

Get down from the windowsill

Stop clawing the carpet, stop clawing the bed.

Get your tail out of my mouth.

Don't lick my face, I know you love me, but that is gross!

And then he left me in peace and I finally got to sleep. Boy I love him, but he is an effort to sleep with on these hot humid nights.


  1. Snap. And 'I don't want to listen to the disgusting noises you make when you wash your butt' and 'Don't lick any part of me after you have been washing your butt'.

  2. @Elephant's Child - laughing lots with your addition. How do you cope with 2, I rarely have both of ours on the bed at one time - thank goodness.

  3. They are such sweethearts...they just want to be close. I miss my boys so much.

  4. After going to bed last night I have to add two more. 'Don't drink from my water glass' and, if the level of water in it is too low for you 'DONT dip your kitty litter scratchers in it'. Bleah.

  5. We have 2 indoor babies too, aren't they full of personality, our boy Muffin is such a big part of our day.

    I just read the childhood memories on your mums blog and went to comment but I have issues logging into to gmail. Could you please tell her that I loved the images that her memories have conjured up for me, really enjoyable reading.

    I came across your blog randomly a while back and drop in occasionally to read :-)

  6. I would like to say thanks to Anonymous (Orienna) for her comments re my childhood memories. I am glad she finds them enjoyable reading.



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