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Sunday, February 19, 2012

More Photos of My Boy Max

He was asleep on the windowsill while I was doing some work on the computer. He looked so lovely in the late afternoon sunlight that I thought I would take his photo. Of course, being Max, he woke as soon as he heard me pick up the camera, which also was on my desk. I patiently waited, but he never quite went back to sleep. Gorgeous boy.

Photo 1 : From sound asleep to this in a nanosecond

Photo 2 : Starting to relax again, but still keeping an eye on me

Photo 3 : Still watching

Photo 4 : Almost back to sleep, but then he heard something else
and jumped down from the windowsill


  1. has he ever grown....is he still a mischief maker?

  2. @mybabyjohn - yes he has grown, but full size now and quite a compact cat. Mischief is still his second name, or sometimes it is just plain Mad Max.

  3. Jazz does that nano second reversal as well. Particularly if I have gone for the camera. Also if food just might be in the offing.

  4. Max is so adorable and those pics of him with the sun shining on him are lovely.
    I can't take pics of Precious any more. I only have to press the button to turn the camera on, even if I hold it behind my back, and she takes off in a panic. There must be some noise she can hear that in inaudible to the human ear but it terrifies her. I am so glad you took that beautiful picture of her when you first got your camera a few years ago.



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