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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Over Six Months On

The middle of July marked six months since my surgery, time has flown by, and the long period (over 3 months) of sitting on the plateau are still ongoing much to my dismay.

However, I had my six months checkup last week and the dietitian and doctor are more than happy with where I am.  Apparently I've lost nearly 50% of my excess weight and given my inability to exercise plus the fact the pool is closed, they are really really happy with me.

My diabetes specialist is also really happy, my blood sugars are normal, and I am on minimum medication with perfect blood pressure, low cholesterol and I have said goodbye to my fatty liver.

I am also booked in for a total knee replacement in late October and with the minimum of 3 month recovery time, it is unlikely my weight will do much more than stabilise at this point, however, again my dietitian said when I come back for my year check up she will be happy if I am no heavier than I am now.  She is also sure next year I can lose the 20 kilos that still need to go, I'll be happy with 10-15.

I'm still the fat girl in the mirror in my eyes, especially when I look downwards at the paunch that sits proud of the rest of my body, but I have in fact lost lots and lots of cms including an incredible 7.5 from my neck!!!  Really, that blew me away.

So it's going to take awhile for me to start see me as the new lighter me, my Psych says that is fine, 30 years of being and seeing fat is not going to go away in six months or even a year.

So here's a comparison, I'm not one to share photos of myself and it be honest I still look at the photos and see only minimal changes, but at least I do see some.

From the left, me in Nov 2012, middle in Oct 2012 and right in early July 2013, 32 kilos down from what I recall is my heaviest weight and 25 kilos since the beginning of this journey.  Maybe one day soon I will post the bathers photo, that probably shows the change in shape better.

Thanks for popping by, sorry I have been an absent blogger of late.


  1. Wow, you look amazing Kakka - what a difference. You mightn't be able to see it, but I can see every kilo you've lost, and I'm sure your body feels it too. Good luck with the knee reconstruction x

  2. I can most certainly see the difference. Congratulations and don't give up.

  3. I had been waiting for this blog and nearly missed it!! See, I told you that you looked just so different. You have done the hard yard and are now showing the wonderful effects it is having on you. To have lost the weight you have lost is such an achievement and I know has required lots of effort and perseverance on your part. Don't ever think of giving up and eventually that fat girl in the mirror will be replaced by that lovely slim version that the rest of us can see now. xxxx

  4. Wow. Like the others I can really see a difference. Well done to you.

  5. Late to the party. All I can say is wow. You look stylish, beautiful and yes, the changes are there for all to see. Congratulations. Hard work rewarded.

  6. I see changes, my friend. Oh, I've missed you - just HAD to check in. <3



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