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Friday, September 27, 2013

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, True Love Blooms

On the 7th September (USA time) my hubby and I were privileged to witness our youngest daughter B marry the love of her life.

We had never personally met her bride K until the 5th, but I already loved her as I knew that she must be perfect as she made my daughter so happy.  She is even more beautiful in the flesh than she was on Skype, it was like I had known her for years, another daughter to add to my family.

We got to share a house with B and K and K's Mom and brother for a couple of days before the wedding, in lovely West Seattle, and it was like we had known them all for years.  The blend between the two families is wonderful and I feel so happy to know that B has in-laws that cherish her as much as I do.  They have seen how happy she makes their daughter, just as I can see the fit from the reverse so to speak.

I was lucky to go with the girls to the salon as they got their hair and makeup done, to share in that slightly stressful but fun time was fantastic.

B having her make up done by the amazing Lindsay at The Pinup Salon in West Seattle
 and B is sure to hate my posting this photo!!

Then there was the quick dash back to the house for me to get dressed, pick up my hubby and the wedding dress and B's suit, then off on the road to Tacoma to the Ruston Chapel for the wedding.  The girls got dressed in the dressing room before we made out way out the front to walk up the steps and into the chapel.  In a personal twist, the two Mums got to walk our daughter's down the aisle and to give them away and to be the witnesses on their wedding certificate.  I was overwhelmed with pride at being asked to do so.

Waiting to walk my daughter down the aisle
(photo copyright Visual Life Photography)

Their wedding ceremony was as quirky and personal as could be, with their vows bringing a tear, a laugh and joy to everyone in the chapel.  Each one had taken the time to share with us their love and feelings, good and bad as they pledged to love one another for ever.  Even the owner of the chapel commented after the ceremony that they bought a tear to her eye, something she is normally immune to given the number of ceremonies she has witnessed over the years.

Genuine love, so Tony Abbot and all those against same sex marriage, should we really deny this here in Australia?
B as she watched K walk down the aisle.
Photo courtesy of K's cousin.
Pure and utter joy following the ceremony.
Photo courtesy of one of K's friends
Yay, we did it, pure joy - my Mum commented she has never seen B so happy.
(copyright Visual Life Photography)

The quirkiness and personal touches did not finish there, there were the rainbow socks and pink converse shoes - each with a personal message, there was the 'no ugly crying' hanky personally given to me at the start of the ceremony by my daughter (she has witnessed my crying at her sister's weddings) a gesture that bought a smile to my face (and I had to lend it back to her when she got overwhelmed herself).  At the wedding reception there were pink and orange M&Ms with personal messages (pink and orange was the colour theme), there were little glass votive candles holders with Eat, Drink and Lets Be Married, their names and wedding date.  The wedding cake was topped by 3 penguins (the theme of their wedding invitations and keep the date cards) a blue eyed one for my daughter, a brown eyed one for K and a little brown eyed hand flapping one for K's daughter and my newest grandchild (Little K has autism and so the hand flapping is a common gesture and was beautifully interpreted by the lady who made the toppers in Holland no less).

(photo copyright Visual Life Photography)
The traditional cutting the cake

A blue eyed B and brown eyed K with little K hand flapping at the front.

The reception was held on a property overlooking Pugent Sound with magnificent gardens and a quaint little cottage, it was low key and happy, just like the girls, with a buffet spread and an 'adult' pinata (in the shape of a penguin) filled with adult 'toys' that the father of the Broom (our daughter) just happened to smash open on his second attempt.

The girls danced their bridal dance in a beautiful little wooden gazebo and then we all wrote messages of love and our wishes for them on Chinese lanterns before setting them afloat in the sky as the sun set.  Each message was sent with love to the heavens for the girls as they started their married life together.

Throughout this post are a few photos taken by friends and family and the low res proofs I have copied from the Visual Life Photography website, I would personally like to thank Courtney and Jason who were brilliant at what they do on the day and a delightful couple who truly loved being there for the girls.  A CD of high res photos should arrive here soon and I can't wait to get them printed and on the wall as a reminder of a very special day.

Welcome to the family K, we love you so much xxxx 
We wish B and K every happiness, may your lives be filled with love, laughter and happiness each and every day.  May the powers that be allow you to be together always both here in Australia and in K's homeland of America.
Following the wedding we spent another couple of days in Seattle before heading to Sitka with K's family.  Watch out for blog posts on those amazing times.

Thanks for popping by  xxxx


  1. You have described this beautiful and amazing ceremony so well. I loved following it on Facebook and also your wonderful holiday in Sitka.
    It is true that I have not seen B look so radiantly happy as she did in photos taken on the big day. I feel so glad for her to have found such happiness, even though it is in a far off land but there are blogs and Skype in this modern world to keep us all in touch.
    Thank you for sharing this with everybody and you are indeed correct in hoping that our country (and others) will come to terms with modern times. Whether you are a supporter of gay marriage (or even marriage itself for that matter) I feel the time has come for people who have a genuine love for each other to be granted the right to be joined in wedlock to make their lives complete.

    1. Thanks Mum, I'm glad you enjoyed this post and the photos on FB, it would have been wonderful if all the family could have travelled and shared in the day itself, but hoping this is the next best thing for those of you who couldn't make it. We missed having you there.

  2. I'm so happy for your daughter (and new daughter in law)! I enjoyed sharing your joy in Seattle and the rest of trip to Alaska vicariously through your posts on FB. xoxo

    1. Thanks K, it is the wonderful county where you live that allowed this to happen (I know it is not everywhere over there, but at least some States can see the light). I plan to share more of our trip on here as well, so if you pop back you might even get to see some different photos, although I did pop a lot up on FB that's for sure. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  3. I have been hanging out for this post and AM THRILLED. Happy, happy tears. Thank you for sharing the joy - and I so hope that our powers that be start to show some sense on this issue (and a few others as well).
    Woo Hoo.

    1. Thanks EC, I have been away from the blogosphere for a while now, keep meaning to come back but didn't seem to have much to say. This however I am happy and proud to share, the girls deserve happiness just the same as the rest of the heterosexual world and I am pleased that somewhere allows this to happen. Now if we can just get it to happen here my heart would be filled to overflowing. Thanks for your support xxxx

  4. A beautiful day for the memory book...congrats to the happy couple.

    1. Thanks Delores, it was the most beautiful day indeed, the weather smiled on us as well which made it even more special given it was raining the day before. I am so thrilled the girls have the chance to marry, even if it means my daughter will live in another country far across the sea.



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