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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Goodbye Dear and Faithful Friend

Jarmie's last photo (taken by my Mum in October 2013)

Goodbye Dear and Faithful Friend

No more clipping of your paws as you walk down the hall

No more brupping as you greet us at the door

No more sharing our left over meals

No more cream on the plate near the fridge

No more finding you on the bed in the afternoon sun

No more joy at seeing your face and beautiful green eyes

No more laughs with your antics at play

We will miss you more than words can ever say

Our companion and friend for over 19 years

Part of our family for so long

You bought us so much joy and laughter

You helped to raise our children and grand-children

You never once scratched or bit or even growled 

So much patience with all of us

Even with rat bag Max

 We are so sad to say goodbye

But we know the time is right

Goodbye Dear and Faithful Friend

RIP Jarmie - Jan 1994 to Nov 2013

You loved sleeping on the bed in the afternoon sun so much

Our family photo in November 2012, and of course you were included

You even learned to tolerate Max

So patient with all our grand-daughters, never once growling or scratching even if they were a little rough

Jarmie lived all his life in our garden and so we will bring home is ashes and plant them under a rose bush in his memory.

Thanks for popping by on this sad day in our lives xxxx


  1. What a beautiful tribute to a faithful friend.....I am crying with you.

    1. Thanks Delores, we have spent the day celebrating his memory, but still sad as I go to bed tonight. xxxx

  2. Tears here too. Rather a lot of them.

    1. Thanks EC. It was a hard post to write, although this year his age has really caught up with him and this morning be barely could walk or hold his head up, so it was time to make the hard decision, but ultimately the kindest decision for him. He was a true and faithful friend and none will take his place. Hugs back to you to xxx

  3. Thinking back I find it difficult to remember when Jarmie wasn't there when we visited you. He truly was a beautiful natured cat, so good with everyone. I can remember him jumping up on to my lap when he was younger and also how patient he always was with children. I am so glad I took those final pictures of him (it was just done on a whim) and those with the grandies a couple of months earlier.
    I told you via email yesterday how Pop and I feel about the huge decision you had to make and we know it was the right time to make that decision. Unfortunately our pets become so much part of our lives but live for such a shorter time (usually) than their human friends. Saying good-bye is never easy but with Jarmie being nearly 20 years old the parting was even harder for you.
    Our love to you both and Max too who I imagine will be missing his old companion. xxxx

    1. I know, Caitlyn said to me just last night, but Grandma he has always been in my life, and she is right, he was 2 and half when she joined the family. We are truly missing him each and every day. xxxx

  4. Your beautiful poem brought tears to my eyes. RIP Jarmie.
    He does look like he was a wonderful cat.

    1. Thanks River, he was a truly remarkable cat. He thought he was human and I think we almost treated him like he was too. We have a huge hole in our house and our hearts (especially my hubby as Jarmie was so much of the routines of everyday life in this house). Thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  5. 19 years, how lucky you were. Jarmie looks like such a lovely, lovely cat. May he rest in peace under your beautiful roses xx



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