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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Remember Me

Well the title could really be about me, it's been a while between posts and I don't have a lot to say, not sure why, just no blogging mojo present here at the moment.

But Remember Me is Jarmie's final resting place.

We knew we wanted to put his ashes in the garden and we tossed up scattering them in all his favourite places, but with the winds we have here I was worried that he would soon end up somewhere else!!

So we decided to add a new rose to the rose garden and either scatter his ashes in the hole or to place his little container in the hole under the rose bush.

Jarmie came home in the sweetest little container, with a poem and a votive candle, hand delivered to our door by the wonderful people at Lawnswood Pet Cremations.

It was a another time of tears, but we were glad to have him home.  Hubby popped him out on the chair that he loved to sit on and there he sat for more than a week while hubby pondered what to do.

I have let him control this process as Jarmie was in so many ways, his cat.  Hubby's daily routines so closely wound around Jarmie's needs, especially in the last couple of years with Jarmie's twice daily medication and the needs of his ageing body.

The decision was finally made this weekend that we would place Jarmie in his container below the rose and then the choice of what rose had to be made.

I knew that it would be the name of the rose that was the attractant rather than the colour, that and the fact it would need to be a hybrid tea to match the other roses in our garden.

So hubby and I set about checking out Dawson's Garden Centre's list of roses online and sure enough we found just the rose name that seemed appropriate ... Remember Me.

The bonus is it is a beautiful multi-colour rose described as burnt orange, amber and topaz with fragrant blooms.

So Jarmie is now resting peacefully in the garden that he loved and hubby and I can now enjoy this beautiful rose when it blooms and remember him fondly for many years to come.

Jarmie's sweet little container

Finally at peace in our garden.

Thanks for popping by, hope the world is treating you well xxx


  1. What a beautiful way to keep him with you. He will always be in your hearts, but that rose is a gorgeous way to acknowledge that. Hugs.

  2. Perfect....and tears again for your sweet little puddin.

  3. You found the perfect rose, and I'm all teary eyed now.

  4. I don't know how I missed this beautiful post. I knew about the lovely rose with the perfect name and I am so glad to see it here with the story of how you chose it. Last time at your place we really missed seeing Jarmie. He was nearly always out there on the patio with his family. He was the most darling cat (we knew he was a cat but I'm not sure he realised he was). It's terrific to have such a great resting place for him and when that rose blooms Jarmie will be back with you again. xxx

  5. Pets give one so much joy. The memories we will always cherish. The rose is very special

  6. Another message for Mimsie. I found Mimsie blog accidentally while I was searching pemberton. I have been following Mimsie blog for a few months. I enjoy Mimsie blog. I know Mimsie through your writings you have enriched others life without realizing it as you have mine. At times there are tears I have for mimisie of the sadness I feel for her. Parents are very special and I do hope that Mimsie will see more of her kids. As I have learnt to never take anything for granted . It's people in the world that are important Jo

  7. Replying on your blog, hope u don't mind but I have tryed to reply on Mimsie blog but it doesn't work for me. Jo



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