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Monday, July 27, 2009

My Learning Year

So from this aged about 2

Well today I turn 54 - God that sounds old when I say it out loud. As I have blogged before I see birthdays as a time to reflect on what the last year has given you and to celebrate all you have achieved and to maybe reexamine what you consider to be your failures (if you have any) and not see them as failures but life lessons and give yourself permission to readjust your goals for the future.

So the past year has given me (and this is not the complete list by any means):

• the courage to start a blog
and put my thoughts out there for all to see (read)

• the acknowledgement of how much my 'sisters' mean to me

the chance to tell my 'sisters' how much they mean to me and that I love them, scary telling non-family members that you love them in words

the chance via my blog to show my vulnerable side - extra scary for the control freak that is me

the ability to say NO at work, instead of always putting everyone else's needs first

the chance to travel to Adelaide with my DH and enjoy our time together

the realisation of just how much I love that man

the joy of having both my grand-daughters and all of my children in the same State again

the cyberfriendship and support (both ways) of my new cyber blog friends

the chance to drive with the wind in my hair with the turbo purring - radio loud, smile on my face

the blossoming of my grand-daughter now that she has reached highschool

watching the learning journey of my youngest grand-daughter, what a wonderful age 1-2 years is

the courage to say I want to work less and the ability to not cram 10 days into 8 - part of the saying no

the ability to let some of the control go at work and trust others to do what they need to (although sometimes that has not always worked)

Some of the things of regret:

the passing of my mother in law and seeing the sadness it has bought my hubby

the time hubby and I have had to spend apart with his work travel commitments

the fact that there are still so many people struggling in this world and that I can not do much about it

the loss of lives in the Victorian bushfires (both human and animal) even though I lost no-one personally the tragedy touched my heart in ways I didn't think possible

Some of the things I need to re-assess

my lack of fitness - I say I will address it and always find excuses why not to

my bad eating habits - I have been eating really badly since my hubby was been away so much

my bad self-image - well not sure it I will ever be able to look in a mirror and be happy with what I see

So lets see what the next year brings - bring it on, I am stronger, wiser and will accept the challenge with open arms.

To this aged about 16

To the present day


  1. A very happy birthday! I hope its a wonderful one. Love the photos, the first one is very cute and also that green looks great on you in the last one. xx

  2. One day late ... well not really one day late as I didn't actually know it was your birthday or anything about you until today : )

    I hope you had a lovely day.

  3. Oh, I love the photo...yes the recent one (I already have the 16 y.o. one) and must have a copy of it......PLEASE (shouting.... so you may hear me).
    It is interesting to look back over past years when one has a birthday but mine is so close after Christmas that I seldom do that. So much else has been happening during the few weeks leading up to the holiday season. I think some of the points you make are great and it is a pity others sometimes don't re-assess their lives too. Can't undo what has been done but lessons can be learned so errors can't be repeated. Also remember the good times so they definitely can be repeated, over and over.
    AND once again no rain on your July birthday.



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