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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swings And Roundabouts

Life is full of swings and roundabouts, seems I have been on a swing for a while - lots of ups and downs, more downs than ups if my last post is anything to go by. But I am pleased to say I am off that swing for a while and maybe on a roundabout - who knows, I suppose time will tell.

First I would like to say thank you to those who reached out to me after my last post - your friendship, love and caring meant so much to me. You know who you are and let me say that taking the time to ring me and email me (via FB) meant the world to me. You are truly good friends who mean the world to me. To those in my family who also checked on me and cared for me I also say thank you for your continued love.

I have had a particularly busy 3 weeks at work and was worn out to say the least, my darling hubby saw this (now I am not sure if he saw or if someone gave him a heads up and I don't really need to know the motivation I'm just thankful) and decided I was going to go to Adelaide with him last week. Well he did ask if I would like to, it wasn't a demand.

So off we flew last Monday afternoon and came back late on Friday afternoon - and it was the best thing for both of us - me, as I got to totally relax and read and sleep and wander around town and have lunch with him a couple of times. We got to go out for dinner and drinks, we got to sit side by side and watch telly and sleep in the same place (well sometimes I slept on the couch as the bed hurt my back) but at least we were in the same city. He got to come home and be welcomed by a relaxed wife who was in the right frame of mind to support him as he unloaded the frustrations of his day. We got to cuddle on the verandah while looking out at the lights of the city, we got to laugh with each other over funny things we saw, he got to take me to his favourite sushi place for lunch.

He is home for my birthday tomorrow and then flies out Weds morning but won't be back for 10 days - this coming weekend is the cut-over for the software program he has been working on - he will be exhausted when he gets back and I just wish I could be there for him during this time but I need to be in Perth - so while I am off the swing it seems he is about to jump on board.

Swings and roundabouts - life is full of them, I am so glad we have each other as we swap the playthings of life.

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