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Monday, September 14, 2009

To Move Or Not To Move

Two of my children have for more than a while been prompting hubby and I to move into a new area and a new home. Yesterday we went looking at display homes with my eldest daughter, her hubby and my little munchkin.

Yes we saw some homes we liked, but the whole question of moving causes me anxiety.

1. There is the actual move itself - I have lived in this house for 32 years this month - I have 32 years of stuff in this house - can you imagine packing all that up and then unpacking at the other end.

2. This has been our family home - apart from about 5 months before we moved here - my memories - both good and bad are in this house, how do you leave that behind.

3. I hope to retire in the next 2 years - I don't really want to take on a big mortgage this close to that happening.

4. Yes our suburb is not the flashest - but I know where everything is, I can drive home without thinking.

5. One of my daughters and eldest grand-daughter live only streets away.

6. What is to say that moving to a new area will be better, you can't control who your neighbours are, can you?

Yes there are things about this house and this neighbourhood and lets face it some neighbours in particular that drive me insane. But I love my house and back yard and the memories. I love the climbing rose outside my study window. I love the fact we have a backyard always full of birds and we have a big tree. My essence is in this house - I don't think my family understand that. Yes I am always resistant to change, I admit I like my comfort zone, am I ready to move on yet. I don't know.

The alternative is to spend money on this house and make it exactly as I want - a remodelling of the living area - a new outside area, a new bathroom - I could do all this for much less than the mortgage we would have if we moved. Yes I would still have the crappy neighbours - but at least I know how to ignore them.

So should I just throw it all the winds and take the leap? Do I really want to do that, and do I have the courage to, if I do want to.


  1. Oh yes, the dilemma of whether to move or not. This happened to us about 5 years ago and family members thought we'd do better in a home on a smaller block or (perish the thought) perhaps in a retirement village. We discussed it to the full and decided we would stay in our little old house and had the bathroom renovated mainly for my sake. My arthritis had got that bad that I just could not safely get in and out of the bath to take a shower. We also needed a new and smaller car. We decided to take out a loan which meant a mortgage again on the house and one on which we pay compound interest so that we lose equity in our home every month.
    We had talked this over with our daughter as it meant the house would not be worth as much when we had departed this life. True to form she and her hubby both said "It is your money and not ours so need to ask our permission". Who could ask for a better response?
    Are we glad we stayed here? Yes, but 'cos I can't work much in the garden any more and hubby is nearly 80 there are lots of weeds that need removing and things that need doing but.....we are here to stay.
    I also had the thought of the happy times such as when our grand-
    children would stay weekends and lots of many other happy things.
    There was also the thought of "We've been here for 30 years with an accumulation of 30 years "stuff". If you knew me you would understand that statement.
    We, like you, made the hard decision...did we get it right??
    Whatever your decision may be, I can only hope it will be the right one for you and in your own good time.

  2. A change is a change. You think you don't like change but I think that you really do!!!! It is easier for you to not take on the change because you are a part of th other half. So my point is - know and feel what you need to know about yourself. You are at such a heightened state these days, you need to be the warrier for your own journey. No-one else is responsible for that, and it is your journey. Bottom line it is still your choice...and be glad that you have that opportunity to make that decision. I know your frustrations....you could possibly change these. Angels bless u my friend.



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