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Monday, October 26, 2009

And Now I Am Home Again

I did it, yep, I managed to fly to and from Singapore without any hiccups, I even used the toilet on a plane for the very first time (hee hee), that's right - all those flights in the past - no toilet use - had a phobia about getting stuck in them - but I did it and what do you know they are not as small as I thought they were - LOL.

I also managed to cope with the humid weather, drank plenty of water, and of course most of Singapore is air-conditioned including the taxis but we also spent quite a few hours out in the real Singapore - botanic gardens, children's playground and the zoo, a quick trip to china town, walking in the streets etc - and it was not as bad as I had imagined. Yes it was hot and yes I got red in the face and sometime felt very tired, but I did it. I even frolicked in the water playground at the zoo with Immy and Christie. Actually we went to many water playgrounds so Immy could have some play time without getting to hot - she loved it.

The time went really fast, the people we met were so friendly and helpful, the hotel was great, the food fantastic and Singapore is somewhere I would like to go again with my hubby - as there is still so much more to explore.

And the highlight of the trip - Christie won the inaugural award for Best Parenting Blog - check out her post on Childhood 101.

The only downside - I lost my camera at the zoo - put it down somewhere and forgot to pick it up - so sorry no photos.

So tomorrow it is back to work - sigh.


  1. Welcome back, beautiful friend. Glad you're back home safe and sound.

    Your comment today on my blog was beautiful. Undeserved, but beautiful.

    Thank You. I wish you knew what a source of comfort your words are to me. A motherly voice carried across the country.

  2. Thank you Melissa - your comment has touched my heart. What I wrote today is not undeserved, for that is truly who I believe you are. xxx



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