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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well today I fly out to Singapore. Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited and I reply 'Not really' and even now just hours before I fly excitement is not the word I would use. I have butterflies in my tummy, but not from excitement from nerves.

This is the first time I have ever in my life flown outside of Australia, I know a little tragic at my age, but never-the-less, the first time. Sure I went on a cruise but that was like taking the boat to Rottnest (small island of coast of WA), you just walked off the boat and onto a new country - you didn't have to take a passport (well you had to have it and leave it on the boat) but no-one checked at that country's customs. Sure the cruise company probably handed over a sheet with everyones' names and passport numbers - but I didn't have to worry, just walk off and back on the boat like I lived there. This time I will be going through a real customs set up - not that I have anything to declare - but real customs.

It is going to be hot and humid (2 conditions I don't do well), so how will I cope with that. Taken lots of cool clothes (loose fitting and cotton), taking my new walking shoes (joggers - not trendy but comfort is what I need), got a hat (oh good thing I wrote that just remembered I didn't put it in the suitcase), got my meds (and boy there is a lot of them - bought my scripts just in case someone thinks I have illicit drugs), got my sunscreen and insect repellent, got my camera and spare batteries. My passport is ready, with a photocopy in case it gets lost, I have the travel insurance docs, the address and number of the Australian Embassy, the print out of my limo pickup (looking forward to the meet and greet and not have to try and get a cab - money well spent I think), I have had my swine-flu jab and the paperwork to prove it. I have my flight itinerary and numerous other bit and pieces of paperwork all together in a folder (I know I am being anal but did I mention this is the first time I have done this). I think I have watched too many TV shows like Border Security and Flights from Hell and I am over-reacting in my preparation but hey it makes me feel more in control.

I have my iPod (fully charged), my puzzle books and pen, a novel to read, my phone charger, my iPod charger, some Singapore dollars to cover the limo and incidentals, my glasses (both sunnies and reading), some tissues, lollies to suck on take off. So I think I am fairly well ready - now if I could just find my excitement and pack that things would be looking up, not sure where I have put it, but it is not here - just trepidation and the thought I have forgotten something.

Did I mention that my DH wasn't coming - perhaps that is what I have forgotten - my security blanket in the shape of a man. I know I can do this without him, but it just feels so much better when he is there.

Look out for the photos when I get back - I hope I manage to get some good ones.

Bon voyage.


  1. You are most likely there already or on your way but I do hope that once you land and are settled in you will have a fabulous time. Enjoy watching Immy discover new smells, sights and tastes too. Am thinking of you all. xx

  2. I remember the first time I flew overseas, by myself. I was beside myself. Now going to see how it all went...

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.



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