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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mum

Today my Mum celebrates her 80th birthday. It will be a small celebration with family rather than a big party. A lot of her friends are no longer with us, so my family will pop on down for afternoon tea and share some cake and a cuppa.

Through all the ups and downs of her life, she is still smiling (most of the time), although like me, pain is her constant companion. She doesn't get out and about much any more, but has connections all over the world though FaceBook and emails. Given she didn't get a computer till she was in her 70's she's done pretty well in picking it all up. Oh and she also blogs over at A Geriatric Grandmother

With my 4 children (her grand-children) and her two great grand-daughters in April 2008
(my brother's two children are missing from the photo)

With her lovely other half, my step-father

So Mum, Happy Birthday. I love you so much and thank you for all you have done throughout my life. You know the times that you have been there for me. I hope that the years ahead are kind to you and that you have many more birthday celebrations to come.

Love you xxx


  1. And a Happy Birthday to your Mom from thefeatherednest...may she enjoy many more.

  2. Happy Birthday from the Madmother household too.

    May it be joyous, and full of love. Oh, and gentle squishy hugs that don't hurt!


  3. Oooh, happy birthday Mimsie, so thrilled to see your beautiful mother in photos. Shall pop over to her blog right now to wish her a happy day x

  4. Oh what a lovely surprise to find on your blog this morning. Yes I have completed another decade but as usual can only wonder where all those years have gone. It is true that some lovely friends have left this mortal coil over the years and perhaps the say "only the good die young" is true and that is why I'm still here and so glad MOH is here with me. I am so looking forward to the family coming this afternoon and hoping it will be cook enough to sit out in the garden under the trees with a cooling sea breeze blowing.
    My thanks to PPMJ and others for their birthday wishes as well. It is turning out to be a great day.
    Main thanks to my daughter for her lovely words and just for being there for me too. Love you. xxx

  5. Obviously I was a little overwhelmed as I notice a couple of bad typos in the above comment. I am sure everyone will understand. lol
    Say should of course read 'saying' and
    cook should read 'cool'

  6. A lovely post. I hope the day was wonderful, with reduced pain for all the participants.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. @Elephant's Child - don't know why my email address did not work, maybe I typed it in wrong, but will now email you direct so that should work. Comment deleted as requested. xxx



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