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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Some Sentences

It has been bloody hot here and I really feel incredibly grumpy when I am confined to one room of the house (where we have an airconditioner). Today is not so hot (low to mid 30s) and I am enjoying having the house open, but not the sweat which is still happening - sorry TMI?

There must be a fire somewhere close as I just heard the helitaks coming to fill up in the lake near us. Hope they get it out quickly as it is very windy which is not good for fire fighting.

It is 'bring out your dead' day this week and people are trolling the streets picking through other people's discards. It sort of pisses me off - not sure why, but it does.

Our old cat was 18 this month, and every day through this heatwave I thought he might die as the weather has been really hard on him. I keep checking his breathing when he is asleep. Today he is a little more active.

I've not been able to give myself my injection yet, not sure that I will be able to do it. I can not describe the dread that is sitting in my gut. Poor hubby doesn't understand why I am so on edge today, it is just another day to him. But for me it brings up my weakness again, something I need to deal with obviously.

Max has been guarding the house, against the vacuum cleaner and the mop, he runs at them with his hackles up and his tail fat. I think he thinks they are attacking my hubby as he cleans. He is such a funny little cat. Today he caught a gecko, well the tail anyway, the gecko got away. It is a good thing he is not an outside cat, cause he is a hunter extraordinaire - chasing down flies and other bugs what wander inside. Hope the skinks and geckos remember to stay outside in future.

There goes another helitak over the roof, they come in quite low.

Well off to get in the washing, try to find some courage and hopefully sleep better tonight with the cooler change to mid 30's.

Thanks for popping by.


  1. Dread weighs so much doesn't it? As you know I am sending mountains of good wishes your way. But try not to beat yourself up about it. If it happens it happens.

    I did a little gardening this morning and had to come in when the perspiration was running through my eyebrows and into my eyes. I have been a soggy, drippy, grumpy mess for days. And our temperatures are lower than yours.

    Max sounds like such a charming boy. Like our Jazz on his good days.

    I hope the fire(s) are out soon.

  2. Hot for you, wet and dismal for us.

    This weather sucks either way.

  3. Sending good thoughts your way for a break from the heat, for the fires to be put out, for your old kitty to hang in there. Give Max a snuggle for me.

  4. New here, through both Elephant's Child and Delores. EChild is right: dread is a powerful force.

    I wish you the best.




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