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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feeling Just A Little Stabby

I think I have mentioned before that Menopause is like PMT on steroids, in my case not all the time, but when it hits, everyone needs to duck (or run away) as I get more than a little stabby.

Add to that very hot weather, arthritis pain, diarrhoea (from my meds), the fact I am having to check my blood sugars twice a day (and all the mental crap that that involves) and the inability to fall asleep quickly at night and I am sort of out of control.

So much so that the other night I was playing the Psycho shower scene in my head, my hubby was the victim - all because he was snoring and snoring and snoring. This man snores on his side (both of them) and his back. He snores from the second he falls asleep, so I try and fall asleep before him - for if I do then his snoring doesn't wake me up. Trouble is lately, it is taking me quite a while to fall asleep and even when I do, I wake often and he snores all night long.

So the couch and I have become firm friends - and I don't sleep all that well there either, but at least I don't want to stab my hubby, or smother him with a pillow or hit him with a frying pan. He reckons he needs to start wearing a bike helmet and full body armour to bed just in case my rational mind stops controlling the need to beat him to a pulp.

I think he needs to go and see someone about his snoring, it is much much worse. Last night he was running a marathon with his legs as well - classic signs of sleep apnoea.

Normally his snoring is not a problem because we have been sleeping apart in separate rooms. However, a couple of months ago my son came back to live with us (temporarily) and he is in the spare room. So while it is kind of nice to be sharing the marital bed again, it won't be if a murder occurs in the bedroom, and really, I love my hubby very much and he is so good for me and to me that I think it will be the couch and I for a while longer.


  1. From someone who sleeps in different rooms I get this! DH about to undergo rigorous testing like I just have. We will be so damn healthy it will be sickening!

    Sleep deprivation is the most evil of evils.

  2. I can't remember whether you have comment moderation. If you have two comments please delete one. I was sure I had posted a long comment in awe that you were just a little stabby.
    With menopause, arthritis, sleep deprivation, arguments with your medication there is not a jury (fenale) in the land who would convict you of anything - from littering to genocide.
    I am hoping that you find some relief soon. From all of it.

  3. @Madmother - so agree, there is nothing more evil than lack of sleep - it is driving me insane, night by night. Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment of support. xxx

    @Elephant's Child - only one comment (I don't have moderation). Things could always be worse, that is how I try to think of it. But there have been days lately when I wonder if it is all worth it. Then I think of my family, and yes every day is worth getting up for. Thank you for always being so caring. xxx

  4. Same problem here...snoring, coughing, twitching, riding a bicycle all night long. He now sleeps in another room on another level and even then sometimes I can hear him.

  5. @the feathered nest - sleeping in separate rooms is a dream, I miss having my space, to turn the light off when I want to, to lay in the middle of the bed if I want to. I love my hubby but not his snoring. Still I'd rather suffer his snoring than not have him at all.

    I am sure my stabbiness will pass. Thanks for popping over and commenting. xxx

  6. Sorry to hear you are struggling so much. Are you able to wear earplugs? You can get so many different types. I hate the hot weather, loathe it and hope it goes very very soon.

  7. Get your man to go to Dr. for a C-Pap test. It has been wonderful!

    During the height of one bad hot-flash, I was standing in the middle of a clothing store. Dripping wet, hair plastered to my head, and crying. A kind woman told me that this stuff would last only a few years. Like that helped me.

  8. I have suggested (and our doctor did as well) that Pop have a sleep apnoea test but he declined. Like you I am find if I get to sleep first but when he begins to snore I can yell out quite loud and he doesn't hear me. Pop also snores not only on his back but on both sides and is very restless in bed. My bottom sheet barely moves while his is always rucked up in the morning. It was better when we shared a queen size bed as I could dig him in the ribs or something but being in twin beds makes that difficult. Hopefully your boy will find himself another place soon and peace will once again prevail. In the meantime, don't give up the ship.



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