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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Example of Why I Struggle to Understand

Last night both hubby and I were tired, really, really tired. He had not taken anything out for dinner, came home from taking the cat to the vet and well, we had nothing easy for tea. So we guiltily decided to have chicken and chips (me with gravy) from the local Chicken Treat.

I was dreading the reading 2 hours after tea, it would be high, I just knew it would. Well, guess what? It was the lowest reading I have had since taking my BG in the last six weeks!!! So then I thought, I must have a high this morning when waking to make up for that low. No, that was also the lowest I have had in the last six weeks.

So you see what I mean about doing my head in. There are nights when I have had the lowest GI meal, made from low GI cookbooks and I have had a super, super high BG reading.

It really truly does my head in, in a BIG way.


  1. I remember my Dad being frustrated by the same thing...unfortunately it served to convince him that the doctors didn't know what they were talking about and that it was okay to cheat. (It isn't)

  2. ...and fair enough too! I hope your body settles into a groove soon.

  3. Pop and I experience the same phenomens re food. You eat what you are told is good for you and end up with a high reading. You then eat something which is a bit of a no no and....good readings. I think the thing is that some of the naughty foods are high GI and therefore raise your sugar quickly and by the time the 2 hours are up and you test the 'high' of that food has been and gone and you get a reasonable result. I may be wrong in this but feel it is the one rational answer. Trouble is stress caused by many things including pain, tiredness can all have relevance when testing blood sugar. Main thing is not to have consistently high readings.

  4. Oh, I hear you. You get to know your body better, and what your body reacts to. And what time of the day where it won't matter what you eat, it'll be through the roof anyway. (For me, it's the reading after breakfast. It'll be in the teens whether I cheat and eat Cornflakes or I forget to eat at all).



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