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Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Special Treat ... Inside the US Coast Guard, A Retrospective Tale of Two Travellers, Part 7

While in Sitka, hubby and I were invited to visit the US Coast Guard Headquarters and we got to chat with some of the staff there and even to sit in one of the helicopters.

Hubby has read quite a few Vietnam War stories written by veterans that include helicopters and so actually sitting a big working Sikorsky Helicopter was a thrill for him.

Obviously we didn't get a ride, but having an up close and personal look was the next best thing.

While the Coast Guard in the southern states of America deal with smugglers and the like as well as the odd rescue, the Coast Guard Stations in Alaska are normally involved in high sea rescues in more often than not perilous conditions given the freezing water conditions up that way.

Hubby and our daughter

Helicopter side badge

Helicopter side badge

Hubby and our daughter in the rear crew seats in the rescue area

Our daughter flying high!!

Hubby in the cockpit

Hubby pretending to fly

Cockpit looking from the rescue area

Rescue gear

View from tarmac

View from tarmac looking towards the Sound

Thanks for popping by, I have many more tales, but have been extremely tired while trying to kick this darn head cold and sinus I have had for the past two weeks, and siting down to write is just not a high priority.  Hence the reason this post is fairly picture heave!!   xxxx


  1. Now that truly is an adventure even if you did stay on the ground and that scenery is fantastic too. I still think B is looking more relaxed and happier than I've see her look for years and it is so wonderful to see.
    I saw a film about the sea rescues that these people do (I think it starred Kevin Costner) and it was so scary. They risk their lives quite often to save people that have done stupid things too. They are so brave.

    1. It was a special treat indeed and not one that everyone who visits gets to do, we were personally invited by one of the staff and it was fantastic to chat to the guys who work on the helicopters while in the hanger.

  2. Those 'choppers' look menacing but, if you are in trouble on the frozen plains of Alaska, they would be a welcome sight indeed.

    1. They are a little menacing when you see the guns they have as well, hopefully not used but there nevertheless. They do amazing work with the rescues they are involved with.

  3. Those pictures (and particularly the smiling faces) told many thousands of words. Take care of yourself - and get better soon.

    1. Hubby certainly had a ball, he has loved reading about the helicopters in books such as Chicken Hawk and to actually get to sit in the cockpit with all the gadgets around was a buzz. The guys who work there were so nice as well and happy to answer questions and show us around. A rare treat indeed.

  4. That's a serious piece of machinery!
    I like helicopters and this is a beauty.

    1. Very serious and a real work horse as well, apparently they have had over 20 people crammed in the back in one rescue a few years ago, they were crew members on a sinking boat. It would have been a little squashy but somehow they managed it.



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