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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ball Park, A Retrospective Tale of Two Travellers Part 3

On our last full day in Seattle hubby and I and the two girls watched a home game of the Seattle Mariners baseball club.  It was something I had wanted to do on our first trip to the USA and we were lucky that they were playing at home that weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though the game is slower than I thought it would be, it was great entertainment and it would have been awesome if the Mariners had managed to win, but it seems they are not having a great season in 2013 and lost 3 to 1.

We paid a little more (just under $60 US) for seats in the second tier just to the left of home base (think that's the right term) which were wider and padded with lots of leg room and in-seat service from a bright and bubbly staffer, food itself was pretty cheap and I got to taste my first pulled pork sandwich and a hot dog (both of which I shared with hubby) given I can't eat very much post surgery. I am now a huge pulled pork fan, yum!!

There was a fair crowd, although no where near full capacity but the atmosphere was great, there was mid game entertainment including 'Moose' standing on his head, and dancing - a stunning feat for the person in side of the suit!!

Hubby got to taste his first America beer an aluminium screw top bottle no less, and to by a Mariners jersey and cap at the Team Store (which you have to show your ID to enter and to buy the merchandise which was interesting given we didn't have to do that anywhere else that we shopped).

It was great fun to stand up and sing Take Me Out To The Ballpark half way through the seventh innings (a tradition of the game it seems).

All in all it was a great day and I would love to go again next time we travel (of course if it is season).

Hubby was really impressed with the stadium compared to AFL stadiums he has attended, lots of glass to look out as you walk down the corridors, nice wide carpeted corridors as well and really reasonable prices for food and drink unlike here were they slug you outrageous prices for the pleasure of eating very average food.  He also loved the enterprising young men with bicycle rickshaws outside the game who for a small fee will take you to your car, would be great if someone jumped on that idea and provided a similar service here.

Safeco Field

Great seats with a view of the whole ball park.

Action shots courtesy of hubby's camera

Let's hear it for the Moose

The scoreboard and our pitcher for the first 7 innings

The tourists blending right in


  1. Wow. And I love those final photos of you enjoying life. And yes, yes a thousand times yes to the concept of reasonably priced food (as opposed to overpriced rubbish) at so many of our venues.

    1. Thanks EC, there are not to many photos of me anywhere, but we had such a fun day that day and I asked my daughter to take a photo of me eating my American hot dog, so I thought I better post it. Seems I look at myself and go, really you are looking (add something not flattering to finish the sentence) and then look at hubby and go, well he looks good. Now what's with that I wonder. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  2. I popped in for a quick look only to see I've missed 4 posts. I'll come back for a more thorough catch up reading later. I'm so glad you had such a fantastic holiday. Congratulations to B and K. I love weddings.

    1. Hi River, welcome back, hope you enjoy my recent posts. I will certainly pass on your congrats to the girls. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  3. I'd have enjoyed being there with you. What on earth is pulled pork? More info needed on that one. Great pics all round and that is one terrific scoreboard. Loved the moose. Baseball is different and yet a game I used to enjoy watching years ago. Thanks again for a fantastic day out with you. xx

    1. Pulled pork is just what it sounds like, but a fuller explanation is slow cooked pork (shoulder I think, but maybe belly as well) with a smoky rich barbecue sauce (sometimes the meat is actually smoked I think) and then sort of shredded and served in a sandwich. It is utterly delicious and probably high in calories, but it is not fatty like ribs. I fell in love with it at the baseball and then had some that was served at the Sitka reception and it was even more scrumptious. So much so I thought I might bring Ricardo (who made it in Sitka) home with us, but his wife wasn't too keen LOL. Thanks for popping on by xxx

    2. I saw a restaurant in Perth serves pulled pork. I'll see if I still have the Sunday Times magazine and let you know where the place is. xx

    3. Thanks for sharing that with me on FB, will have to check it out one weekend and see if it lives up to the pulled pork in the US>



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