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Friday, October 18, 2013

Harbor Mountain the Macro Views, A Retrospective Tales of Two Travellers Part 9B

Some of these photos you will have seen before in my scenery post, but they are too good not to share again.

The shots on top of the mountain and on the goat track were taken by my hubby.

The on the way up series are a mixture of my photos and hubby's photos taken when we pulled over about half way up the mountain.  The shot of the two of us was taken by our daughter in law during that stop and what looks like a fake backdrop is the real thing, just amazing.

Hope you enjoy another photo heavy post.

On the way up:

Up the goat track:

From the top:

Looking back towards the top, about half way up this photo is where hubby emerged from the goat track.

Looking down to the ferry terminal (that takes you to Juneau which is a fair way from the main area of Sitka)

Zoomed in photo taken of snow on a peak in the distance.

The ridge trail

Zoomed in photo taken of the peak shown in the photo above.

Mt Edgecomb in the distance

Sitka's main harbour seem through the trees

Thanks for popping by xxxx


  1. Wow, wow and wow. And as many thank yous.

    1. Thanks EC, I am so enjoying doing these posts and reliving the experience by looking and all our photos and choosing the best to share. Hubby took quite a few and he has done an amazing job with his new camera. Thanks for popping by xxx

  2. Loving the posts! What an interesting and wonderful time you had. Photos are never too many for me! Denyse

    1. Thanks Denyse, so glad you are enjoying my posts and thanks for stopping by and saying so.

  3. Once again, magnificent photographs and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience. I saw what looked like an extinct or dormant volcano so I looked it up and apparently in on April Fool's Day in 1974 smoke could be seen coming from Mt Edgecumbe which had been dormant for 400 years. The Coast Guard flew over the mountain and found stacked in the cone of the volcano a huge pile of old tyres burning. Oliver "Porky" Bickar had collected 70 old tires over 3 years and when visibility was right in 1974 he arranged to get the tyres where he wanted them and set fire to them. I just thought you may be interested in the story and you can ready about it on www.museumofhoaxes.com Hope you don't mind me adding this bit of info as I thought the story of the tyres so hilarious.

    1. Yes, we heard the story while we were in Sitka, it is quite funny if you think about it, and the guy went to so much trouble and expense to make it work. Glad you are liking the photos.



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