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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Selections ... Colours of Sunset and Sunrise

Sunday Selections was originally brought to us by Kim of Frogpondsrock, as an ongoing meme where participants could post previously unused photos languishing in their files. 

The meme is now continued by River at Drifting through life.  The rules are so simple as to be almost non-existent.  Post some photos under the title Sunday Selections and link back to River.  

So this Sunday I'm joining in for the first time in a long time. Thanks River for keeping Sunday Selections going, I always enjoy seeing the photos people share.

So I decided to run with a theme and have already got the next few weeks sorted so that it is an ongoing theme ... Textures and Colours in Nature
This Sunday I'm starting with Colours of Sunset and Sunrise from my yard ...


Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. Wow.
    And repeat.
    Thank you - these are truly magical skies.

  2. Second from last is a raging beauty....skies of fire.

    1. Thanks Delores, sometimes it is like the sky is on fire, especially the setting sun. Thanks for popping by xxx

  3. I love the golden and fiery sunsets!
    I like sunrise too, but the colours are sometimes so delicate and I prefer fiery.

    1. Thanks River, I love sunrise and sunset and we get some beautiful ones here in the West. Thanks for popping by. xxx

  4. Thanks for reminding me how fantastic our Perth skies can be. As I am a late riser I never see the sunrise and we are blocked from seeing sunsets cos of houses and trees at our place. Those shots of yours are so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mum, I do love seeing the sunrises, one of the benefits of getting up early for work I suppose. thanks for popping by xxx



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