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Saturday, February 5, 2011

No News - Hope It Means Good News

My friend John and his family live at Bingil Bay, near Mission Beach in Queensland. They were building a house, while living in it as well. They were right in the path of Cyclone Yasi and I have not heard a word from them. I have left text messages, voice messages and emailed them. I assume they are without power or mobile phone coverage. I just hope they are okay. Their children are just 3 and 4 1/2.

Every time the phone rings, or I get a text message, or I download my emails - I hope it is John letting me know they are fine. I watch the emails download and think this time it will be from him but so far there is just silence.

I console myself thinking that if they had lost everything they would have driven somewhere else and then they would be in phone range. So not hearing means they are still there, still okay, but just with no power and no phone coverage.

Their heart and soul has gone into slowly building this place - John talks with pride about how much they have done and how little was left to do. He keeps asking us to fly up from Perth to visit. I just hope he and Carole have not lost it all, that they are all safe and well and still have a home to live in.

The old adage No News Is Good News - I hope that is true in this case, but I worry more each day.


  1. You would have heard if otherwise. Seriously, I too am sure no news is good news.

    PS Have been looking at cups and saucers all bloody week, but think I have picked one. :-)

  2. I too, hope no news is good news and they are simply cut off from communication, but otherwise well.

  3. I'm sure they are fine...just incredibly busy and dealing with events. You will hear soon for sure.

  4. What a devastation, to lose what you've been slowly and painstakingly building :( I am sure, too, that they are fine. My folks are waiting to speak in person to someone they had grave fears for who has apparently finally turned up but just can't make communication because they're all without phones and power - she lives around the Port Hinchinbrook area that got slammed.



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