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Sunday, May 8, 2011

For My Mother - Happy Mother's Day

To my Mum

When I was small you nurtured me,
you sewed me beautiful clothes,
you brushed my hair,
you cared

As I grew you encouraged me,
you saw my potential when others didn't,
you let me fly free

When I got pregnant just before my 17 birthday,
you did not turn your back,
you backed my decisions and defended me

All through my journey as a new Mum at such a tender age,
you continued to encourage me,
you loved me and you loved my daughter unconditionally

When others were harsh when I stumbled,
I never got that from you,
you knew I did my best

When I finally met my soul mate,
it was because you saw him first and
knew that he was right for me

When as a young family we struggled financially,
you where there to help us through,
with a guiding hand and a bag of groceries or a bill paid

When I had to return to the workforce,
you were there helping me adjust and opening doors

When people compliment me now for the way I mother,
the way I work, the way I give, the way I love,
I have only to look back to the mother who taught me all these things.

I love you Mum, always and forever.



  1. That's lovely.

    I hope both yourself and your Mum have a wonderful Mothers' Day.

  2. I don't usually cry that easily but when I read this I couldn't help it. You make me sound as though I am a saint which I most definitely am not. I probably failed in many things but I enjoyed being a mum to two delightful children. I thought I only did whatever mums usually did. I love you so much and thank you for all the kind words. I will see you later and look forward to it. xx

  3. Such a beautiful tribute to your lovely mother - and I've just cried even more reading her words above. It takes a special kind of mother to raise a person as lovely as you Kakka - happy mother's day.

  4. Wow. What a great post and a terrific mother. Hi Kakka's Mum! What lovely women you are.

    I hope you are both having a great day.

  5. @A Farmer's Wife - thanks you, yes we both had a great morning together. Happy Mother's Day to you too. xxx

    @Mimsie - maybe not a saint but a bloody great mother nevertheless. It is hard to take praise, I got that from you too. xxx

    @PPMJ - Thank you for your kind words - Happy Mother's Day to you too. xxx

    @E - Thanks so much. I hope you had a great day as well. Happy Mother's Day to you too xxx

  6. Yes we had a wonderful day...I always enjoy getting together with my family. The weather was really great and sitting out in Kakka's back garden (which is looking just so good this year) was so relaxing and even though we (MOH and me) ate all the wrong things...so what? Today we are both relaxing (you sort of have to do that when you are around the 80 y.o. mark).
    Thanks to everyone for their kind remarks and hope you all had a great day as well.



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