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Saturday, May 21, 2011


One of my favourite flowers are roses. My favourite rose is called Double Delight. Today my hubby cut some of our roses and in came 3 pieces of perfection - sweetly scented, creamy centered with outer petals tipped with vibrant hot pink - pure perfection. 3 Double Delights mingled with other roses from our garden, our kitchen is now filled with the heady perfume of roses.

The flash has bleached this slightly so the photo below is with no flash


  1. Beautiful colour combination. How nice of your sweetie to bring them in for you.

  2. Oh Double Delights are just such a pretty flower. Love them!

  3. We love ours too, though they are well and truly over here. An amazing scent. Thank you.

  4. Oh, I know that one!
    They are so pretty and the scent really is heavenly.
    Lovely pics. :)

  5. I have loved Double Delights since I was a little girl...

  6. thanks everyone for coming over to comment, they are just the most delightful rose, I love the way the pink edges get darker the longer the rose is left on the bush.

    @the elephant's child - we don't prune until June here and with the long summer the roses have been divine.

    @mybabyjohn - he is the best hubby a girl could find, even nearly 34 years on.

    @A Farmer's Wife, I only found them about 15 years ago and have loved them ever since.

    @Thea - heavenly scent is right

    @PPMJ - very pretty, with the most heady scent, I am even thinking of getting another rose bush of these to plant

  7. So pretty. I can just imagine they smell divine. <3

  8. I love roses. Especially those with a fragance.

    I hope you enjoy them. As I will from afar. I have rose envy. LOL

  9. @Melissa - I just love the smell of roses, each a little different to the other.

    @E - lol - rose envy - they are not too much work to have in the garden, but I suppose it depends on climate. My hubby just prunes them once a year and fertilises them occasionally.



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