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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Selections - Outside My Study Window and Beside My Feet

It is a beautiful Autumn day here in Perth today, blue skies, crisp cool breeze and warm sunshine on my back as I hung out the washing. Hubby is in the garden pruning for our green waste day and I thought I would just pop inside to share, what's outside my study window by joining in with Kim over at Frog Ponds Rock (don't you just love that blog name).

Kim hosts the Sunday Selections meme - pop on over and have a look. The premise is to share some photos that have been hanging around on your computer that you haven't had time to share. Well I am cheating a little this week as I have just taken these photos, but I am sure Kim won't mind, she is kinda generous that way.

So without further ado, look what is just outside my study window and what's sleeping by my feet.

My little fairy garden

and my beautiful climbing rose

and my equally beautiful sleepy Max

Today is feeling nice and relaxed and beautiful, I can almost forget the pain in my hands and feet by just letting myself soak up the sunshine.


  1. Love them. And that is one seriously blissed out cat. Wouldn't you love to be able to relax like a cat (not to mention be as flexible as a cat)?

  2. What a great garden to have outside your window, not to mention an adorable cat to snuggle at your feet and to keep you warm.

  3. He's really growing. What a pretty baby.

  4. I'm so stealing the fairy garden idea.

  5. Oh, Max is adorable. I miss cat energy around my house. The first thing I will do when I move is get a cat! x

  6. I kind of want to snuggle with Max. Can I borrow him. My darling husband has a major flaw - he's not a cat person.

  7. Sunshine is good :) Max is a lovely colour? Is he a special breed or just an very handsome moggie?

  8. @The Elephant's Child - he certainly can be blissed out, he can also be absolutely crazy as he is only 8 months old - lol

    @myrelish - I love my little garden, and peek out at it all the time.

    @mybabyjohn - he is certainly getting bigger in length but he is not very tall, hubby calls him stumpy - lol

    @Carrie Lynne - got all the bits and pieces at Loot

    @Wanderlust - I think I will always have a cat in my life, well until I get into a nursing home or something.

    @Melissa - not a cat person, I am surprised. If I lived closer you certainly could come around for cuddles. He is in his basket snoring right now!!

    @Kim - Max is a moggie, but he does have some abyssinian blood not too far back, I believe his mother is 1/2 abyssinian

    Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment xxx

  9. Oh all those photos are just beautiful. I really love your fairy garden (I must show Lolly!) and the drooping rose is divine. What a shot. Cute cat! Not that I"m one for cats much, but I can't help myself... I get won over by anything eventually I think lol. (I find our cat a bit annoying, she's sort of tainted my view of cats)



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