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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hearts In Nature

One of my daughter's friends often posts pictures of 'hearts in nature' she has found on her Facebook page.  When I popped outside today I realised that we have some hearts in nature in our garden.  So I thought I would share here.  I love how they start out such a bright and vibrant green and then turn into the deep purple as they mature.

Have you found any hearts in your backyard?


  1. The violet leaves are heart shaped.

  2. What a gorgeous plant. And I love that idea of finding hearts in nature. I must go out and look tomorrow (late at night here now)! x

  3. mybabyjohn/Delores beat me to it. Our violet leaves are heart shaped. I am sure that there are more but it is still (at 2pm) dank and foggy and nasty outside. Last time I looked it was hovering around 6 degrees with no sunshine. The temperature is OK, the lack of light isn't. So... heart search tomorrow.

  4. Love that you are seeing hearts too! x



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