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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's small and cuddly, smells gorgeous and has the cutest chubby cheeks?

Why it is our newest grand-daughter, that's who!!

My daughter has asked me not to share her name publicly so I will just say it is a beautiful name and I will refer to her as AJ here.

She was born last Thursday 26th April and weighed in at 9lb 4oz and was 56cm long.  She has the softest skin, a dusting of peach fuzz hair - a little darker than her older sister when she was born.  She is as cute as a button and loves a cuddle on her Grandma's shoulder.

Her big sister is smitten and gives her lots of kisses and tells her often that she loves her, makes my heart melt.

So welcome to our family AJ, we have lots of love to go around.

I know that our bond will be deep, just like the one I have with with my first two grand-daughters.

I so look forward to all the love, joy, cuddles and happy times we will get to share over the years.

 With her very excited big sister, just hours after she was born

 My girls, having a first cuddle together with their Mum

The first bonding moment with Grandma


  1. Congratulations Kakka on your beautiful new grand daughter - what a lovely addition to your family.

  2. So fantastic...and just in time to celebrate Mothers Day. Congratulations.

  3. COngratulations Kakka! She is just about perfect, in fact, she IS!

  4. A whole family of beautiful women in these photos. Thank you.
    And congratulations to all.

  5. Congratulations she is just beautiful.

  6. Thanks ladies for your congratulations. Got to have another cuddle yesterday, sure helps lift my spirits.



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