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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Just some Sunday sentences

Washing day in this part of the world, light sprinkling rain means some will go in the dryer and some under the patio to dry.  I love it when you have sunny showers, even if it means I have to use the dryer and I don't particularly like my clothes dried that way.  So only undies and socks will be popped in there today.

Hubby's preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow, so I feel a little guilty having lovely fresh sliced tomatoes with sea salt and cracked black pepper on lightly toasted multi-grain bread for breakfast while he has black coffee.  He doesn't seem to mind too much though.

My D2 readings are still all over the place, but definitely getting more 'good' than 'bad' in the ratio so hopefully heading back into the normal range at some time.  Still struggling with the whole giving myself injections and regular blood glucose testing, but I'm doing it even though it is doing my head in, so just taking one day at a time.

A little worried about travelling at the end of the month for work as it will be the first time I have flown and needed to take my injection pen and needles with me.  Got to make sure it stays in the right temperature zone so off this afternoon to look online for a pen travel kit.  Luckily I only have to inject before breakfast and dinner so won't have to worry about taking it on the road for the field trip driving around Broome to look at the conservation parks.

The 'black dog' has been nipping at my hubby's heels again lately, mainly seems related to work issues, but it still worries me.  Yesterday he took longer than normal when he went shopping and I really started to fret about where he was and was he coming back - silly I know, but I know things are weighing on his mind, things I can't control.

Got sent this gorgeous photo of my littlest grand-daughter being serenaded by her big sister.  Big sister is still besotted by her baby and is coping well with the transition from being an only child to sharing her parents and grandparents and the rest of her extended family with the new addition.   I just know she is going to make the best big sister ever.

So life goes on, pretty much as usual, with the ups and downs and ebb and flow of the days rolling into each other.

Hope you are having an awesome Sunday in your neck of the woods, will be popping off now to read some blogs and maybe leave a comment or two myself.  xxx


  1. Oh wow. I am so pleased you are managing injections. A huge step. Eat your heart out Neil Armstrong big. And excellent that the readings are mostly in the good range.
    Depression is so scary. Particularly when it affects someone you love - it can feel like walking on egg shells here.
    Sending hugs.

    1. Thanks @the elephant's child. Love your Neil Armstrong comment and thanks for the hugs, they are always appreciated. xxx

    2. Sorry to hear hubby has the "hounds of hell" nipping at his heels. Same thing over here I'm sorry to say. I put it down to the weather and that great big moon (for myself anyway). Good news that you are starting to get used to regulating your blood sugar levels and are persevering with the injections. That is one sweet little baby and what a good big sister.

    3. @mybabyjohn - sorry to hear those hounds are rearing their heads over there as well, I am sure the moon has something to do with it too. I am truly blessed with my grand-daughters - all 3 of them are just so lovely and even the eldest at nearly 16 still loves cuddles with her Grandma. xxx



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