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Friday, May 4, 2012

Really You Judge A Mother By That?

The local radio station is holding a Mother's Day Mumathon competition, like the Mother's Day Olympics, they want you to upload a photo of you and your family and if you are chosen you get to compete in things like making beds and stuff and you can win prizes if you are the best at all the tasks.

Of course it is all a bit of fun - but it made me think, should you be called the Ultimate Mum because you can make a bed - because if that is the case then I failed miserably at being a Mother?

I have never put being a good cook, bottle washer, bed maker, house cleaner etc high in my priorities especially while my children were growing up.

Of course as a child growing up you want a clean house, clean clothes and food on the table and I achieved that most of the time - but is a hospital corner on your bed more important than your Mother taking the time to read you a story, or hold you close while you cry because you have had a fight with your best friend.

So my priorities while my children were growing up where to keep them safe and healthy, to put them first in everything I could.  To stick up for them, to support their choices as they grew, but most of all to LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY.

So the beds may not have been made regularly and dust bunnies may have roamed (and still do) my house.  Sometimes there were toothpaste splatters in the sink, but if my child needed a cuddle, or help with a problem - then I was there to do my best to make it better.  I tried to be their champion at all times, for my greatest wish for my children is that they be happy.

I like to think that is where I have excelled as a Mother  because I know my children LOVE ME UNCONDITIONALLY and that is the most important thing.  That and knowing that your grown children respect you and know they can come to you, no matter what the issue and that you will respect them, give them the time to listen and love them just for who they are.

So how would you judge a Mother?


  1. Your way for sure and certain. Loving, and showing that love beat housework including cooking and ironing everytime.

  2. Judge not .... as the saying goes. I would hate for my performance to be held up to any "list of excellence". I'm afraid I wouldn't do too well.

  3. I think you just defined successful mothering here in your post. Love, love and love. And if there's time, try to get a bit of cleaning in.

  4. I don't think I would like to judge a mother as we are all so different and I hope trying to do our best for our family's at all times.

  5. Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment.

    I knew I would strike a chord with some of the people who visit here.

    @wanderlust (great to see you back in the blogosphere K) - my sentiments exactly! xxx

    @greenthumb - can't agree more, none of us should judge another, especially another Mother, but it seems that it happens more commonly than we would like. xxx

    @the elephant's child - just knew we would be on the same wave length xxx

    @mybabyjohn - I know it is just a radio contest, just it did make me question how I would stack up against their housekeeping skills list and not sure I would be very high there at all - lol. xxx



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