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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Shall I go to Blogopolis in Sydney at the end of this month?  I have bought a ticket, but not yet booked my flights or accommodation because I am torn about going.  Will I get anything out of the conference, it is a lot of money and a long way to travel.

I need to make up my mind soon, but I really just can not decide.

If I decide not to go, I will be giving away my ticket rather than on-selling, so maybe that is what I should do, see if anyone else wants to go in my place.

I am certainly in an indecisive mood at the moment!!!


  1. Yes!! Then you can come and visit my new house! How much are the tickets? I could look at going myself.

  2. You should go...sometimes it's not about what you'll get out of it but what you can take to it.

  3. I'm hoping you come because out of most of the people there you & I can share grandma photos of our latest granddaughters. Ours was born one week before yours!
    That said. ..I went to Blogopolis in Melb last year to meet friends I hadn't ever before & to learn something. I did. But I was focused on making the blog do more for me as a business & so I learned much that helped shape what I did.
    This year I am going because it's in Sydney & for a day. No overnight accom or flights. Too easy. It IS a long way.....I'd think about DPCon13 over Blogoolis if you really were wanting to choose one over the other. Denyse



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