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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Family Stories Part 1

My Mum is setting a trend with telling family history and stories over on her blog, so given I have needed a prompt to blog lately I thought I would take a different tack and put out there a few of the 'funny' family stories I have heard over the years.  In some cases, it might be have witnessed as well!!

So Story One comes from my hubby's side of the family.

His mother, once told me that on the first date she and her future hubby had, they went to the movies (or it might have been a dance).  Anyway, she was extremely shy and didn't go to the toilet the whole time they were on the date and by the time he dropped her off at home she was busting for a wee.

So she quickly said her goodbyes, probably making future hubby think she was not in the slightest bit interested, and rushed through the house and the back door to the out-back loo (or dunny if you are an Aussie).

Trouble was, the light was broken so she rushed in, pulled her undies down and from the way she tells it was weeing before her bottom hit the seat.  All good, except the lid was down!!!

By the time she realised that, it was too late to stop.  I sought of know the feeling having had really full bladders myself at times.

I must confess that her telling me that story, early on in my relationship with her son, was kind of special.  She was a quiet and shy woman who didn't really like the fact that I had been married before and had a child.  Needless to say, she eventually was more than happy with me as a wife to her son and a daughter in law to their family.  Her opening up to me about a very personal moment was one of the signs of acceptance I had been looking for.

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Story 2 should appear some time next week.

Thanks for popping by, do you have any similar stories to share? xxxx


  1. Love it. And you are right that telling you that story was an acceptance/welcoming thing for her to do. And yes, I know that urgent feeling well. One of my school friends had a worse toilet experience. She rushed to the loo, in urgent need. The seat was up. She flung it down and leapt onto the seat. Trapping her fingers under it - and breaking three fingers. And how does a teenage girl explain that....

    1. Oh my goodness, breaking your fingers under the toilet seat, ouch!!! Way back then it was not polite to go to the loo when on a date, or so it seems. It really was a way of my future mother in law reaching out, when for the first few months she was quite cold. Thanks for popping by xxx

  2. Oh yes...those late night visits to the little shack out back...crickets singing, frogs chirping and those strange rustlings in the grass outside the door. Good times.

    1. Even when I was growing up, we didn't have an indoor loo. I think I was married before that became a feature and that was because we lived in an apartment for a while. Then bought a house that had one added into the laundry on the verandah. Now, it's almost unheard of here in Aus. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  3. I am so glad I've given you the incentive to begin blogging again and you've begun with such a wonderful story. I know you were accepted wholeheartedly by your in-laws, there is no doubt about that, which was wonderful. Her telling you that story was an acknowledgement of her acceptance of you.
    I remember so well outdoor dunnies and have actually had the experience, even in indoor toilets, of finding the lid was down (in the dark) but fortunately suffered no mishap.
    People, many years ago, quite often acted as though they didn't actually have a bladder as they were much too shy to mention the fact that they needed to have a wee. Thank goodness we are all a little more down to earth these days.
    I look forward to more family stories as it's always wonderful to hear about them knowing, of course, that I've never done anything 'funny' (at least I don't think I have).

    1. Thanks Mum, I'm sure there may be a few that feature you sometime in the future!! Thanks for popping by xxxx

  4. It's funny now, but I'm thinking she must have been very uncomfortable for at least an hour or so before she got home. And peeing all over the lid made me laugh. I certainly couldn't hold on that long. I had a colleague at Coles for a while who couldn't "go" in a public toilet or even the ladies room and held on for as long as necessary until she was home again.
    Me? I'm not at all shy about such things and go when and where I have to.



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