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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let Me Introduce .... Montgomery C Cat aka Monty

You see, it's been six months since our gorgeous old Jarmie left and Max was lonely.  A work colleague volunteers at the local Animal Protection Society and she has been taking to me for ages and ages about fostering a cat (plus the beautiful Kristin from Wanderlust) has been sharing so many photos of the different beautiful cats she has been fostering on facebook that we finally did it.

We decided not to foster but to adopt.  I went along thinking I was going to bring home a ginger tabby, I have been craving a ginger tabby for ages and yes there were a couple of beautiful boys there but they were just too large for Max.  Max is a small cat and I didn't want the new cat to overpower him in size.

There were also some beautiful tortoiseshell cats that I loved but none of them connected with hubby and me.

So after more than an hour of siting with, touching, watching many, many, many cats, I was starting to despair that we would find a companion for Max.

Then I happend to walk into the last large room that the cats could sleep in, it was mostly empty but I suddenly spied a little silver tabby, curled up asleep on a tower.  Now I didn't want another grey/silver tabby as that's what Max is, but there was something about this little sleeping bundle that drew me over to him.  I gently touched his foot and one eye opened and then he started to purr.  The loudest purr I have ever heard.  He jumped up and virtually landed in my arms, put his head on my shoulder and looked at me with his large eyes and that was it.  He was ours.  He bought tears to my eyes and I walked out and said to hubby, it's this one. And he had a little tear as well and said yep, that's the one!

I'm sure the volunteers thought we were strange, but there is something about this little cat that reminds me of Jarmie.  The fact he was born only days after Jarmie left this earth has me wondering about the possibilities of a little bit of Jarmie being there within his soul.  I know, I'm weird!!

He is going to be a big lanky cat, he's got big feet and long legs and the longest, longest tail you have ever seen.  But he is just the right fit, small enough now for Max to be the boss, but with enough spirit that he won't let Max dominate him and eventually be big enough to stand up to Max if he needs to.

We pondered over a name for days.  He has an M on his forehead just like Max, so I wanted an M name.  Lots of facebook friends and family came up with suggestions and we nearly settled on Milo, but for personal reasons decided that wasn't the right name.  So we officially registered him at our vet today as Montgomery C Cat.

He and Max have taken a day or two to bond, Max being a little put out, and Monty not really caring if Max hissed at him once or twice.  Monty has an extremely laid back attitude to life and is the perfect spoil for over sensitive Max.

It's nice to come home and find the two boys waiting for us now, to see them playing chasey down the hall and around the corner down the other hall.  To hear Monty's loud purr every time you pick him up or touch him.  I'm waiting for the day when I find them curled up together on a bed or a chair, then I will know that the bond is complete.

Thanks Monty for choosing us, we feel very priviledged to have you in our home.

Thanks for popping by xxx


  1. How lovely. And yes, he chose you - and then your fate was sealed.
    Welcome Monty. He is a beautiful boy - and at that leggy stage that Jazz was when he joined us. I love not only his M, but the speed stripe down his nose.

    1. He certainly did choose us EC, and he has fitted right in to our home without the slightest hitch. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  2. Yes, he really did choose you. How lovely. He's very pretty.

    1. He is the sweetest little cat ever Delores. Feels like he has been part of our family for a lot longer than a week. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  3. As you know I've been following the story of the coming of Monty into your home on Facebook and am so glad to see his complete story here. He is a beautiful cat and I can't wait to see him tomorrow. As I said on FB he has a famous name. Field Marshall Montgomery (always known as Monty) was very famous during WW2. I think Monty may have been in my list of suggested names and but not sure but no matter as I think it suits this little newcomer. It's a little like Precious and me. I remember how she snuggled up when the lady fetched her to us and then snuggled up to you as well when we brought her home. You didn't mention why the "C" in his name. Not my place to divulge that....leave that to you. A big welcome to our family Monty. xxx

    1. It was great to meet Monty last night. He is really beautiful and I was glad he seemed to like me as well.

    2. He coped very well with meeting the family on Sunday and then with our middle grand-daughter staying a couple of nights. He is the loveliest little cat. Thanks for popping by xxxx

  4. Welcome Monty! How lovely that he chose you! (That's how I got my Angel, I patted him and he licked my fingers). He's a lovely looking boy, quite handsome in his red collar. How long did it take for him to get used to his collar? I don't have one yet for Angel.
    Good to hear he has settled in well, he'll be a joy for many years.

    1. Hi River, we put the collar on as soon as we got Monty home and he hasn't tried to take it off, just accepted it really well. Max as a little different back when we got him, but with a week or so of putting it back on when he got it off, he now wears it with no issues. Good luck with putting a collar on Angel. Thanks for popping by xxxx



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