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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy 1st Anniversary

It's been twelve months today (Perth time) since hubby and I were able to join our youngest daughter on her wedding day.  A day that we thought may never happen.

Most of you will know that my daughter is not entitled to be married in her country of birth.  Same sex marriages are not legal here, and while not every heterosexual couple chooses to get married, they have the choice, and the basic right to make that choice.

Being gay is not a choice, it is who you are, it is how you are born, it is the same as being born with blue eyes instead of brown, blonde hair instead of black, being left handed instead of right. It is just who you are.

My daughter was lucky enough to meet her soul mate, even luckier was that her soul mate was born in the United States, and luckier still that in some US States people voted to legalise same sex marriage and then the biggest stroke of luck was that DOMA was overturned.

While the State in which they live was not one that did vote that way, they were able to fly into Washington State and be joined in marriage and to have that marriage recognised by the Federal Government as a lawful union.

One day, hopefully before I die, my daughter and my daughter in law will be able to come to Perth and celebrate the renewal of their vows here, and that marriage will be recognised by the Federal Government of Australia.

It is not too much to ask, equal rights for all.

Happy Anniversary B & K, may your life together continue to bring you joy. May the road you travel be filled with love, and with supportive and caring friends and family.

Dad and I wish you love, laughter and happiness for today and each and every day that follows. We are so proud of you both, of your spirit, of your love and of your commitment to each other.

Happy First Anniversary xxxx

Here are some great shots from the day, copyright Visual Life Photography, Seattle.

The joyous couple with us.

Letting our wishes for them sail into the heavens

Two parts of a whole

My beautiful youngest daughter and her wife, giving a powerful and moving speech at the end of the day.
Love you both so much.

Family hugs

The proud Aussie parents, sad at knowing we were leaving our youngest daughter behind,
but overjoyed that she had found happiness.


  1. Happy anniversary B and K, - the first of many.
    And I so hope that they can renew their vows here sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks EC. It would make me the happiest Mum in the world if my children had equal marriage rights.

  2. Happy first anniversary to our granddaughter and her lovely partner. May you both enjoy many years of continued happiness and yes, one day be able to renew your vows in our country when the laws have been amended and moved into the 21st century. Enjoy your day. Love from Mimsie & Pop xxxx

    1. I agree Mum, it can't happen soon enough. xxx

  3. A year already! Oh, Happy Anniversary!
    Love the tattoos and I like the balloons carrying good wishes.

    1. Thanks River, I know, that year has gone so fast. The chinese lanterns were a great idea, although I was a little worried in case they caused a fire. But with the setting sun it was perfect. I loved the girls tattoos too. xxxx



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