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Monday, September 29, 2014

Violas Just for Elephant's Child (oh an my cats too)

 Just for you Elephant's Child, because I couldn't share on your comments (and you aren't on FaceBook where I shared these this morning).  xxx

Tub 1 ... have been enjoying these smiley faces for a while now and they are still going strong
 (if somewhat straggly now).

Tub 2 ... more smiley faces, the yellow ones are trying to escape over the side.
Sorry the photos is a little odd, I can't squat well with my dodgy knees and I think I was tilting a lot lol.

Max comforting Monty because Mums outside taking photos. Max cries when I'm outside.

Mum, it's time you came in now!!


  1. Thank you so much. I love the tubs - and your cats. Jewel cries when I am outside too. And runs from window to window to observe me better - and to make her complaints heard.
    I hope that Delores sees these gems too. I put up my pansies with her in mind, but she hasn't (yet) been by, and I know that she too loves their cheery little faces.

    1. Thanks EC, we always have tubs of pansies or violas throughout the years as I love their sunny little faces and they grow like weeds, so not much care needed, apart from water and the odd dose of seasol. Both our cats cry when we are outside, but Max almost get hysterical. It's part of the reason we got Monty, to keep Max company when we are in the garden (they are both indoor only cats). Thanks for popping by, glad you enjoyed the flowers xxx

  2. What beautiful babies.

    1. Thanks Delores, they are aren't they? xxx

  3. they're gorgeous! my favourites are the tiny yellow faces with the deep purple backing petals. I know them as Johnny Jump-Ups, others call them Heartsease.

    1. I remember Heatrsease, my Grandma used to grow them in her garden. I haven't seen those little tiny flowers for years. My mission will be to hunt some out, thanks for the reminder about them. I love little faces in our garden. xxx



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