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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


One of my most favourite things is to read, I don't get as much time as I used to and sometimes now I am just too tired to concentrate on a good book, but when I am in the mood or when I have a particularly wonderful book, I can lose myself for hours in the story. Many a time my hubby (and kids when they were younger and living at home) have spoken to me and I just don't hear them - that is how completely I am absorbed by what is unfolding. I remember when the kids were little and I had no time to read during the day I would often sit up until 1 or 2 in the morning just to get a book finished.

I have always loved reading, as does my mother and all 4 of my children and it seems both of my grandchildren. My eldest daughter recently blogged about Immy's love of reading and books. I love the fact that the time I took when my children were little to stop and read to them instilled a love of reading in them too. From the time they were little I read to them pretty much each day and each night at bed time. It got harder when I had 4, but each little one got a story and the older ones were allowed 15 mins of reading time each night before lights out.

Each of my children couldn't wait to get to school and start to read, the first thing they wanted to do when they got home was their reading homework, and they had such a sense of achievement as they moved through all the different levels of reading books. While it takes time in your busy day, it is such a worthwhile investment.

I have fond memories of all 3 of my girls tucked in my Mum's double bed when my son was just a baby and Poppy perched on the side of the bed reading them Wind in the Willows. They would get a chapter each time we went to have dinner.

Most recently I have started to read some of the classic books I loved as a child/teenager again - and I am currently reading a 1915 copy of Dear Enemy by Jean Webster. Got the book on eBay from America - it is in near perfect condition for a book that is nearly 100 years old. It is still as funny and enchanting as it was all those years ago.

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