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Friday, June 19, 2009

Spooky, Spookier and Spookiest

Do spooky things happen to you? Small things happen to me all the time like the times when I am about to ring my Mum and she rings me - happens with one of my friends a lot as well. But some extra spooky things have been happening over the last month or so.

Spooky - Went to a shopping centre near where I work, looking for a parking spot in the very busy carpark when I spy a yellow Mazda 6 with a spot next to it. Now if you remember I drive a red Mazda 3 MPS with a personalised number plate KAZZOOM, before that I drove a yellow Mazda 6 - and its number plate was 1BLZ 991. Check out this pic and don't you think this is a little spooky - only car spot available.

Took the photo with my mobile phone and yes that number plate does say 1BLZ 991.

- Then on Friday 12th June I had the day off and I was listening to Tina Arena's CD - Songs of Love and Loss and she was singing To Sir With Love - I happened to think to myself "WOW I haven't seen that movie for ages" - next day Channel 7 showed To Sir With Love as its midday movie - goosebumps.

- Then on Sunday 14th June I was on FaceBook and suddenly a picture and a name popped up in the Friends suggestion area - I didn't pay much attention to the photo but thought that's funny that is the name of the lovely lady who does my Corporate Massage each week, as I clicked to go to another page. A couple of hours later I am back on FB and the same name pops up again and this time I look at the photo and think - well it could be her but probably not. Then a little later it pops up again and I think okay this is a little too spooky better check it out and lo and behold it is her. Now we had no friends in common and I have unchecked the 'check your email list for friends option' so how on earth did she appear? Anyway I took it as a sign and we are now FB friends too. Totally spooky I think.

P.S. Okay this is added later today - driving along thinking about a song (not a recent one either) and within 10 mins song come on the radio - what is happening??


  1. Did you wait to chat with the new owner of the Mazda 6 to ask how they liked driving it?

  2. No I thought that might weird them out - it even felt funny taking the photo.

  3. I've been thinking more about your 'spooky' blog and realise that I too quite often think of or hear something and within 24 hours a reference to that particular thing will come up. It certainly is spooky and at times makes you wonder "Why."
    I also remember my mother when I was working over in Melbourne, telling me she woke suddenly one night as she heard me 'calling' her name. She rang the next day and would you believe I had a really bad case of 'flu. She also seemed to know when both my babies were to be born although in both cases 4 weeks premature. Spooky is certainly the expression I too would use in cases such as these.



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