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Monday, June 1, 2009


Ever have one of those days, a day when you just feel overwhelmed. Well today has been one of those days. Even though it has had the joy of having my youngest grand-daughter being here for the morning with her smiling face and amazing sense of humour, it has still been one of those days.

Overwhelmed by how much stuff I have, trying to sort out a new study with the wonderful help of my eldest daughter.

Overwhelmed by not having my plans really turn out the way I would have liked, in my plans that room would actually have been my husband's drum room and where his drum room is now would be our bedroom and where our bedroom is would have become a study we could share.

Overwhelmed with sadness right now as he has just left yet again to fly to Adelaide. I have even begun to miss him before he leaves now - that sense of melancholy that starts just after lunch and gets stronger the closer we come to the time for him to drive to the airport. Today that sense has truly overwhelmed me.

Time for me to find a way to turn this glass to half full - but maybe I will just allow myself some time to cry first.


  1. Sorry to have stressed you out! It is meant to make you feel better not worse!

  2. Not stressed just overwhelmed with how much stuff I have, but it is now easier to work through given you have sorted it into activities - I do thank you for that. My hording must come from my mother - lol xxx



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