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Monday, March 21, 2011

ABC - What A Day

So the whirlwind that was the Aussie Bloggers Conference is over. What a day it was. I can honestly say I never once was bored, felt sleepy or distracted - like I often do at Conferences. The venue was great, the food even better and the company fantastic.

I cried, as is my want, at some of the stories shared. I laughed at others. I got to meet some new bloggers - and did I feel inadequate not having business cards to share, who's blogs I will now be tracking down - I am sure many will soon appear in my blog roll.

But best of all, I got to meet some of my favourite bloggers In Real Life, that's right, I got to hang with some wonderful ladies, who are just like I thought they would be. If you haven't already checked them out from my blog roll - then I urge you to do so now, you won't be disappointed - the beautiful Kirrily from Sunny Side Up, Michelle from Farmer's Wifey (love the dress you wore to the dance) and Jen from Jemikaan, Dani from Danimezza (who took some great photos), Kristin from Wanderlust, Lori from Random Ramblings of A Stay At Home Mum and I am sure there is someone I have forgotten.

The day was not long enough to spend time with all of my favs, but at least I got to touch base. Next year hopefully the Conference will go for 2 days - wouldn't that be a blast.

Thanks to Brenda, Veronica, Nicole, Tina and Karen to taking the time in your already busy lives to put this together - no mean feat ladies, no mean feat at all.

To all the panelists who overcame their nerves to get up and talk and share - thanks so much.

And to Carly Findlay from Tune into Radio Carly - you are one of the most inspiring woman I have met and heard speak.


  1. So jealous over here. The worst part was knowing that you and Kirrily were there and I wasn't! I wanted to meet the two of you so much.

    I'm hoping that next year, I'll be well enough to attend.

  2. So glad you went and had a great time.

  3. Melissa - i so wish you had been there too, and next year, you will be well enough - I am putting it out to the Universe now. xxx

    Thanks Mybabyjohn - your encouragement is always welcomed. xxx

  4. Is it Melbourne next year? and is it the same weekend, for if it is it counts me out again.

    So glad you had a good time - and the ones you met were those I wish to also (though am hopefully meeting Danni in the next few weeks).

  5. @Madmother - looks like Melbourne next year, not sure of the date - but hey bring Big Boy with you to celebrate, well make sure he has the best time ever. So wish you had been there.

  6. Such a pleasure to have met and chatted with you over lunch! It truly was the most amazing experience in every way and I think we've all walked away not only better bloggers but better people. Our collective spirit is amazing x

  7. I'm sorry I didn't say hello -- or goodbye properly at the airport. Kicking myself for that. I was SO worried about making my flight I could hardly think!

    I remember reading a blog post you did for Christie that stayed with me (it was a long time ago -- maybe a year??) about parenting in 'your day'. It really moved me...and helped me...thank you.



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