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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Different Sort of Feline

Way back here, I blogged about being a lioness and protecting my family.

Well now I find I am turning into another type of feline - a cougar - splutter, cough - that's right. Now I have always been one to admire the rear view of a man walking away from me, especially my hubby, after all these years he still has the best butt ever.

But recently, gulp, it is younger men, gulp, that get my heart a flutter. Men the same age (or slightly younger) than my own son (who I should say is 28 so not a teenager or anything).

I mean, what is with these menopausal hormones, for surely it has to be that, right???

Case in point, I was having a meeting with a young man and suddenly I get mesmerised by his bulging bicep - I mean, it was tanned and straining in his short sleeved shirt and I lost all train of thought.

Or then there is the young man with the bluest eyes, that crinkle when he laughs and smiles, and I find myself swooning every time he looks my way and smiles. He makes me feel important.

Or the time I watch a bead of sweat trickle down a certain someone's throat, and got all hot and bothered myself.

Then there is the young man at the pool - eye candy that one, every muscle that is visible is toned to perfection, watching him get in and out of the pool ... well I nearly drown. Even his swimming is gorgeous - gliding through the water.

I mean to say, what is going on, time for a cold shower.

So, here I am opening myself to public ridicule - but really just trying to let other 'menopausal' woman know it is okay, they are not alone ... or hoping someone also pops out of cyberspace to let me know I am not alone!!


  1. I think it may be Gods way of showing us what the men have been going through since puberty. Try to think of yourself as a connoisseur of the finer things. Enjoyment from a distance. That's the ticket.

  2. I don't think it is at all strange to be the admirer of a beautiful human body even if it is male. I remember a certain footballer made me feel that way and the family would tease me about it. I was admittedly a little older than you now are but I remember the feeling ever so well. All I can say is enjoy what you see and leave it at that. After all you are a feeling human being.



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