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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jasmine Inspired by PPMJ

I am sharing some of the Jasmine bud and flowers from our garden, inspired by PPMJ's Flowers for Friday.  While she loves hers in the house, my nose is too sensitive for that, but I love them in my garden when I can smell them gently wafting on the breeze.

Look at these buds, almost open 

And all these, and so many more you can't see. 


  1. Beautiful beautiful flowers...I'm with you though...can't take them in enclosed spaces.

  2. And I make three. I love them, but... We had to take out ours because it infiltrated the house so thoroughly. Small bits creep back at times, which I welcome, but the big wall of them is something I can no longer do.

  3. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers. Lovely that you can enjoy the perfume wafting through the garden. There are some flowers whose perfume is just too much for indoor places like sweet peas and boronia. Thanks for sharing these. xx

  4. Oh Kakka, these are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing. It's odd, because I suffer from hideous hayfever, and yet, oddly, flowers don't affect me (grasses though, like rye grass? Oh, that's another story).

    Now i want a big bunch of jasmine AND sweet peas... xx

    1. I love sweet peas too, haven't tried growing them for a few years and it probably too late to plant them now, must remember for next year. xxx



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